*This post is sponsored by The Portland Spirit River Cruises. My family received complimentary admission. All opinions are my own.

Climb aboard and prepare to set sail for a magical Christmas adventure your family won’t soon forget. The Cinnamon Bear Cruise is not only the PERFECT way to celebrate this holiday season, but a whimsical and enchanting way to create lasting family memories. Our family looks forward to the Cinnamon Bear Cruise every year. This Portland event is a must-do for local families.

CBCAs soon as you reach the loading dock, you step out of your everyday life and into a magical holiday adventure. Snap a family photo with Captain Taffy, Maybeland’s resident pirate, and then climb aboard and prepare to be greeted by a host of fairies and elves. Waiting for the cruise to begin is almost as fun as the cruise itself! Explore the beautifully decorated Portland Spirit while enjoying a light buffet and complimentary hot beverages. (The scones are to die-for, and my children LOVE the hot cocoa!)

Our children love checking out the beauty of Portland from the boat. We live in such a beautiful city, and a float down the Willamette is such a unique way to experience it like never before. Our kids love looking for familiar sites like OMSI and Oaks Park.

Once your cruise sets sail, all kinds of surprises await you! This is a true family outing. The staff on board are all welcoming, friendly, and understanding. The activities and events are cbc2designed with kids in mind.

Sing carols and welcome the beloved Cinnamon Bear (a memory from my own childhood!) on board. Every child has the opportunity to meet the Cinnamon Bear, and have their photo taken with him. Each child also receives a special cookie!


The Cinnamon Bear photo has become a cherished keepsake for our family – and our children’s reactions to him are always varied and priceless. This year, it was our two year old who found a forever friend in him. As the cruise was nearly complete, Harper continued to give BIG bear hugs to her new friend. These are such special memories.

The kids also get to enjoy a story read by the beautiful Queen Melissa. (We love her cruise in the spring as well!) This is an interactive story, and the kids all have a lot of fun. Next up is a delightful magic show by Presto the Magician. We cbc6have seen Presto perform around Portland and love his show on the Cinnamon Bear Cruise every year. He is wonderfully funny and great with the kids. The highlight for my children is getting the opportunity to meet and pet his rabbit, Houdini.

While on board, you’ll definitely want to head up to the upper deck and experience Portland beauty like never before. Watch the gorgeous scenery and take advantage of some fantastic photo opps!


While on the upper deck, swing by the Captain’s Room and learn how to become a real buccaneer with the help of Captain Taffy. He’ll even let you steer the ship! Kids will also receive some loot from his treasure chest and take home  a cbc5special souvenir. You can also meet the Crazy Quilt Dragon!

The Cinnamon Bear Cruise has become a cherished tradition and a special part of our holiday celebrations. This is a family experience all six of us love and enjoy every year. I hope you will consider making it a part of your family traditions this year!

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