*This post is sponsored by PillowPals. I received free product in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

As a mother and educator, I am a huge believer in anything that inspires and encourages creativity. Innovative and fresh, PillowPals is a truly unique gift that your child will love. PillowPals highlights your child’s creativity and imagination by creating a pillow plush based on their own drawing. The process is simple – and SO much fun for your child! Have your child dream up a character. Put their creativity to the test as they draw an imaginary friend, a favorite animal, the family pet, or a new creature. A dragon with three heads? Great! A purple polka-dotted pig? You bet! If your child can draw it, PillowPals can create it! Submit your child’s drawing and wait for their new plush friend to arrive in the mail.

It was SO much fun to watch my son open his PillowPals plush! He was thrilled – and I loved the realization that he drew his pillow!! A PillowPals plush is your child’s creativity in huggable form. Check out this video of my son seeing his PillowPals plush for the very first time. Henry and Joey (drawn to look like our old labrador retriever) have become fast friends.

Henry has kept Joey by his side every night since receiving him in the mail. He loves how soft and cuddly his PillowPals plush is, and frequently uses it as his bedtime pillow. I was so pleasantly surprised with how large the PillowPals plush was. It is BIG – large enough to nearly be a body pillow for a child. PillowPals are well made, high-quality, and so soft and snuggly. PillowPals captures every detail of your child’s artwork and brings it to life. What will your child dream up for PillowPals to create? Order yours today!

Head on over to the PillowPals Etsy Shop Page, and order a stuffed friend based on your child’s artwork today!

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