I just flew back in from Atlanta late last night, so this week it’s “Meal Plan Tuesday.” Sometimes you just have to learn how to be flexible! (And this one was worth waiting for – we ate well!) This week’s menu plan was full of some pretty great casseroles and easy dinner fixes. Today I’m going to be linking to some other fantastic bloggers with plenty of yummy recipes!



Bagels, Fruit

Crazy Good Casserole, Mixed Veggies

*Everyone really enjoyed this casserole. It has cheese AND bacon in it- how can you go wrong? So good, and seriously easy to throw together! This is a fun pasta dish that is very kid-friendly. *I did reduce the amount of garlic powder the recipe called for, and used a 3 color Rotini for fun.




Reese’s Puffs Muffins (found for $.99 at Grocery Outlet!)

Chili Dog Casserole, Cuties

*Chili Dog Casserole is for those of us who love to mix all the food on their plate together. It combines the chili, the hot dogs, and the cheese fries all in one tasty bite. Fun twist on a hot dog and fries dinner!



Cereal (We’re seriously like Seinfeld. We have SO much cereal!!)

Swiss Cheese Chicken, Carrots

*We really liked this meal, but will make a few tweaks next time. No one in our house likes swiss cheese, so I used Monterey Jack instead. Another crowd-pleasing and easy to put together meal.



Homemade Lemon Donuts

Swedish Meatball Casserole, Veggie

*My kids LOVE (love love) Ikea meatballs. They have now taken to calling all forms of Swedish Meatball recipes, “Ikea meatballs.” They were thrilled to have this dish – reminiscent of their faves. We all enjoyed this dish. Next time, I will double the amount of sauce.



English Muffins and Yogurt

Bourbon Chicken and Rice  Skyline Chili

*Life got real today. We were SUPER busy, my husband worked late, and the originally scheduled meal just wasn’t going to work out. SO, I fed the kids and then my husband and I enjoyed our homemade version of Skyline Chili. (Chili on top of spaghetti noodles, topped with cheese and various veggies.)




Hot Ham and Cheese Sandwiches, Crinkle Fries, Jell-O

Robert Redford

*I totally chickened out, and didn’t add the “sauce” to the sandwiches. Half our kids were in a mood and didn’t want to eat them as is – so I’m glad I opted not to coat them in Dijon!

Robert Redford is one of my favorite desserts – full of creamy layers. I do NOT put nuts in my crust.




Chicken Nuggets, Tater Tots

*I flew to Atlanta on Saturday, and stocked up on some “fun” meals for the kids to eat with Daddy. I found Penguins of Madagascar shaped nuggets at the store, and they thought those were pretty great. =) It’s the little things.

Equipment You’ll Need for This Week’s Menu:

Non-Stick Full-Size Donut Pan

Pyrex 13×9 Baking Pan

12 cup Muffin Pan


Until next week ladies! Happy planning and happy cooking!!