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Work is more fun with InkJoy from Paper Mate. InkJoy is Paper Mate’s revolutionary new ink system, sure to help you rediscover the JOY in writing! Paper Mate’s mission? Crisp clean lines with little to no drag with minimal pressure. It’s the IDEAL pen for work, play, or art!

InkJoy pens are stylish and fun to use. The classic hour-glass shape fits in the contour of your hand while the rubberized grip provides control and comfort. It’s the ultimate writing experience. My husband was very eager to snap up a package of the InkJoy 550 RT pens – perfect for business, with just a touch of flair.

The InkJoy 300 RT series is the quintessential “everyday” pen. The extended grip provides long-lasting comfort – reducing those pesky hand cramps.  The kids and I had a blast creating some artwork with the 500 RT series. drawing with pens

And let’s talk about COLOR. InkJoy pens are gorgeous! Pens aren’t just for writing papers, shopping lists, and essays anymore my friends – these are tools for art! My two oldest children and I spent over an hour creating pictures and drawings with our InkJoy pens. The kids loved the change-up from their normal drawing instruments, and the results were pretty great! We will definitely be adding InkJoy pens to our art supply box. They are a must for every homeschooling family or family who just enjoys IMG_3163to create!

Walmart proudly sells InkJoy and other featured Paper Mate products. You can get high-quality (and fun!) pens at an affordable price at a store you love! (Don’t you just love it when things work out like that?!) Check out more InkJoy products at Walmart! 

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