I had the exciting opportunity to head to Atlanta with a group of education bloggers and explore EDexpo 2015. I got to interact with hundreds of fantastic brands and products, and was tasked with the job of selecting my Top 10 products. There are SO many exciting products -and I am so excited to share my selections with you.

EDexpo is the premier showcase for the latest innovations covering every facet of learning, from instructional materials, teaching aids, and technology products, to educational games, toys, and supplies. EDexpo connects buyers and sellers in the educational products marketplace and provides education and training to help dealers increase sales through exposure to best practices and thought leaders.

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My Top Ten List is in random order. Today’s post features my second 5 picks. I have linked to each company’s home site as well as their Twitter account, should you want to learn more about them and their extensive product lines. I also included links to purchase each product on Amazon, which are affiliate links. 

1. Learning Wrap-Ups -Basic Math Wrap-Ups


I was SO curious about Learning Wrap-Ups prior to EDexpo. I couldn’t wait to see these firsthand. These Wrap-Ups are a fun and innovative way for kids to practice their math facts. Kids are motivated to practice using these AND can easily and quickly learn their facts by rote.

Buy Learning Wrap-Ups on Amazon


2. Little Scholar – Little Scholar Learning Tablet


My kids LOVE to play on my iPhone and iPad. They are so tech-savvy it kills me. If my kids are going to be using a “screen”, why not make the most of that time? The Little Scholar Tablet is a completely pre-loaded tablet for kids. The tablet is perfect for kids ages 3-7, and features a wide variety of games, interactive stories, music, and so much more. I had the chance to sit and play several of the games, and know my kids would love learning and playing with this product. This is ideal for parents who don’t want to take up all of their storage space with learning apps and/or are looking for a pre-loaded alternative to some of the “pay to play” competitors.

Buy Little Scholar Learning Tablet on Amazon


3. Learning Advantage – The F.U.N. Empty Number Line System



I LOVED this product. This product actually made me EXCITED about math. If you know me as a person or as a teacher – you know what a big deal that is. The F.U.N. Empty Number Line System stands for Fluency and Understanding Numbers. Buy grade level attachable cards to explore and delve into a variety of numbers. Teach fractions, decimals, place value, patterns, ad so much more! The blank number line allows you to further customize what you want to work on. This is the BEST number line I’ve seen.

Buy the F.U.N. Empty Number Line System on Amazon


4. Ready 2 Learn – Giant Stamps: Alphabet Capital Lettersstamps


Giant Alphabet Stamps provide a FUN and hands-on way for kids to learn their letters. Think of the endless projects you can create as you help your child learn their letters through art. Stamp your child’s name, create GIANT stories, or make alphabet collages. Learning has never been so fun!

Buy Giant Stamps: Alphabet Lowercase Letters on Amazon


5. Crayola – Dry Erase CrayonsIMG_3066


It seems like such a simple thing to make the list- but when I saw that Crayola made dry-erase CRAYONS, I knew I had to feature them! As a teacher and a parent, I love the way dry erase boards allow kids to practice their writing without paper waste. However, dry erase markers tend to have high odor and smear so so easily. Enter dry erase crayons. They glide on smoothly but don’t wipe off with a mere slip of your arm. There is no odor, no caps to keep track of, and they don’t dry out. These are a must-have for your supply box!

Buy Dry Erase Crayons on Amazon

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