There’s a lot of talk surrounding “princess” movies. There’s a movement to prevent our daughters from turning into the proverbial “damsel in distress.” Many people see fairy tales as stories about handsome princes rescuing beautiful girls.  However, Disney’s live-action version of Cinderella made me realize what an incredible role model Cinderella is. Let’s be clear. The prince didn’t rescue Cinderella. It was through Cinderella’s unwavering kindness, strength, and integrity, that she bettered her situation. Cinderella’s strength of character rescued Cinderella.

My 8 year old daughter and I were blessed to catch a special screening of Cinderella several weeks ago – and we LOVED it!! I was a bit skeptical going in. Live-action re-makes are a mixed bag. While I loved Maleficent, I HATED Alice in Wonderland. cinderella coachCinderella however, did NOT disappoint. It was a beautiful re-telling of a classic tale – holding to the general spirt of the original with a few artistic changes.

This is the story of a strong, kind, merciful, forgiving, courageous young woman. Yes, Cinderella was gorgeously portrayed by Lily James (Downton Abbey), but her steadfast character is what really shined. In the film, Cinderella’s mother tells her, “Have courage and be kind.” Those words carried Cinderella through the toughest of times – and have the power to impact and change our circumstances if we are strong enough to live them out!

The cast is spot-on. Cate Blanchett is incredibly wicked – nailing the role of the villain. The stepsisters are a bit more likeable in the live version than the original, and provide a bit of levity in the midst of such mean-ness. Richard Madden was the perfect prince – handsome smirk and all.

GO SEE CINDERELLA! This is a wonderful family film or the perfect opportunity to treat your kids to an afternoon out. Cinderella is in theaters everywhere.

Cinderella 2015


What You Might Not Like:

  • The live-action version is NOT a musical. So many people come to expect musicals from Disney. If you are hoping to hear your favorite songs from the 1950’s animated version – well – you won’t.


  • There are a few changes to the story-line and a few small detail changes as well. I am a Disney purist (I’m still fretting that Johnny Depp is in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride), and most of the changes didn’t bother me. As examples, I personally didn’t love the interpretation of the Fairy Godmother, but didn’t mind terribly that the beloved mice are girls instead of boys. It’s different than the original, but not in a cumbersome way.


Appropriate For: 

This movie is appropriate for all ages. I felt perfectly comfortable watching this movie with my third grader, and would be fine to show it to my younger children as well.

The language is clean with the exception of one “shut up” (a naughty word at our house) and some CRUEL comments from “The Wicked Stepmother.”

It is a bit long, and there are periods of slower story-building scenes, so children who have difficulty sitting still for long periods of time may have a harder time at the theater.

*This post is sponsored by Disney. I received free tickets to a special screening of this film. All opinions are my own.