It’s official. I stink at remembering to photograph my food! Hopefully you’ll bear with me and picture my cooking in a much more beautiful way than it ends up being plated around here. =)

It was another week I was grateful to have a plan in place. We have been so crazy busy. I know that if I didn’t have the ingredients ready to go, and a plan in place, that we would be eating nothing but pancakes and mac and cheese. It’s great to be able to eat well in the midst of so much “life.”

Check out what we ate and get an idea or two. You can also check out the Meal Plan Archives for more!



Ham, Baked Potatoes, Broccoli

*My husband hates baked potatoes, so this was the first time my kids had really seen them. They liked them, so they may become one of our hot lunches when we homeschool next year! I love a good baked potato! Plus, you can’t really get any easier than ham. It’s so hard to screw up. (And I threw the leftovers in some terrific omelettes later in the week!)




Cranberry Chicken, Cheesy Potatoes, Fruit

*Cranberry Chicken is a family favorite. My grandma made it for a family function years ago, and it has since been a “go-to” at our house. I often make it for company, but enjoy it as a simple weeknight supper too!

cranberry chicken


Green Shamrock Pancakes and Green Milk

Jambalaya, Corn Muffins, Lime Jello

Pistachio Cake

*My kids have come to expect green pancakes and milk on St. Patrick’s Day. It’s our fun little tradition. I’m not a fan of Irish food (the thought of corned beef grosses me out!), so the only green food that traditionally shows up at dinner is lime jello. I do have fun making a thematic dessert, and made a pistachio cake for the second year in a row. I personally LOVE pistachio anything, so it’s a fave of mine.



English Muffins and Fruit

Taco Bell

*Shhh….don’t tell anyone we cheated this week! I went off the plan! We have been working REALLY hard to get our house ready to put on the market, and I didn’t feel like cooking. I’m human. (And Double Decker tacos are so stinkin’ delicious! Hey – we all have our weaknesses!)



Pumpkin Muffins

Chicken Flatbread

*These muffins are what earned my four year old the nickname, “The Muffin Man.” I think he literally ate 5 for breakfast. He LOVES these things. I made a big batch and took some to mom’s group too.

The flatbread was made using Bobby Flay’s pizza crust recipe, and featured my homemade pizza sauce (canned from our tomatoes!), and garlic chicken. (So yes, it was basically pizza, but with less cheese. Calling it flatbread makes me feel fancy.) =)




Pasta with Tomato Cream Sauce, Garlic Bread, Beans

*I don’t know how something SOO simple can taste SOO amazing! I literally can’t wait to make this pasta sauce again. I’m still baffled at how it tasted so amazingly good when it had almost nothing in it….I didn’t even add the cheese and basil the recipe called for…Then again, just about everything The Pioneer Woman cooks is pretty darn terrific. Try it!!



Krispy Kreme


*Can you say comfort food?! My husband knew I had a very big bummer of a day on Friday, so he came home from work on Friday with pizza and donuts. I had already started dinner, so we ate the pizza today -which worked out perfectly after a full day of packing and house projects. Sometimes you need to just throw the plan out the window and give yourself a break!