Packing is never fun. But, like most moms, my mom was giving up her day to come help me pack, clean, and organize – as she has many times before. Do I go over to her house to clean and organize? Nope. But moms are like that aren’t they? Moms give. Moms sacrifice. Moms are always there for their children – even when their kids are in their thirties and still fussing about having to clean out their closet. (Not that I know anything about that.) 😉mom and daughter

As a bit of an early Mother’s Day surprise, my mom and I shared some sweet treats from Shari’s Berries. We used to make chocolate-covered strawberries whenever my Dad would go on an extended fishing trip – but the ones we made aren’t even in the same ballpark as the berries we enjoyed. Super-sized and loaded with delicious decorations, these chocolatey berries were a great way to thank my Mom. 

And just like moms are so much more than laundry, hot meals, and chauffeurs, Shari’s Berries is a lot more than strawberries. Knowing my mom has a thing for salted caramel, I couldn’t help but order her a box of chocolate-covered salted caramels. Like any mom, she tried to take one and leave the rest, always thinking about everyone else – but this time – I wouldn’t let that slide. 

Listen up moms – YOU DESERVE THAT SECOND PIECE OF CHOCOLATE, the last piece of pie, and the last of the lasagna you’d been saving for your lunch. You’re a giver and a picture of selfless and unconditional love, BUT you are worthy of attention, respect, and indulgences!! (I mean it!!)

chocolate berries, chocolate strawberries, sharis berries

My mom is a do-er. She loves through serving, giving, and helping out. She seldom thinks of herself and if she has an extra dollar to spend, she spends it on someone else. Like most mothers, she is usually last on her priority list. Others always come first. Though a small gesture, it was fun to surprise my mom with something completely frivolous. Let’s be honest for a second – we moms – we don’t know much about those little “just for fun” types of things. We’ve always got our eyes on the future, the tasks at hand, or the immediate needs of those around us. We’ve forgotten how to meet our own needs. sea salt caramels, chocolate covered strawberries

Do something for yourself today. If like me, you struggle to relax, take a 10 minute break. Start small, but START. Start recognizing that you are worthy of a little treat now and then. You should have occasional control of the remote, a new top more than once a year, and the opportunity to read more than a page at a time.

DSC_0526-2If you know a mom that is in dire need of a treat, a break, or a moment to herself – do something about it! Offer to watch her kids for the afternoon. Go clean her bathroom. Order her a half dozen chocolate covered strawberries. Reach out and let the mom in your life know just how special and worthy she is. Happy Belated Mother’s Day everyone.