Are you a bacon lover? Do you dream about bacon? Do you believe everything is better with bacon? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re going to love my Bacon Bucket List!

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Work your way through my Bacon Bucket List and leave a comment letting me know how many of these ideas you’ve tried! What’s your number? If it isn’t 50, try one of these ideas this week!!

Bacon Bucket List


1. Add a slice to your cheeseburger

2. Top your favorite salad with crumbled cooked bacon

3. Bacon Omelette

4. Wrap your hot dogs with bacon before you grill them

5. Make Maple Bacon DonutsMaple Bacon donut

6. Add bacon to your potato salad

7. Layer your pancakes with cooked Maple or Brown Sugar Bacon

8. Add bacon to your pasta sauce

9. Bacon Grilled Cheese

10. BLT (extra B!)

11. Mac and cheese with BACON

12. Throw some bacon in your breakfast burrito

13. Bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast biscuit

14. Add bacon to  a breakfast hash

15. Make Alice Springs Chicken (one of my faves!)

16. Add cooked bacon to your favorite pizza

17. Make a Chicken Bacon Wrap

18. Add cooked bacon strips to your favorite deli sandwich

19. Add bacon to your pot of veggies as they cook

20. Green Bean Casserole with bacon

21. Add chopped bacon to your favorite biscuit doughbacon (8 of 10)

22. Bacon Breakfast Pizza

23. Add bacon to your baked beans, or make your own!

24. Top a baked potato with bacon

25. Bacon Fondue

26. Add chopped bacon to your favorite vegetable dip

27. Top your french toast with cooked bacon

28. Make a Bacon and Leek Quiche

29. Make a Bacon Breakfast Casserole

30. Bacon Cinnamon Rolls

31. Top your steak with bacon

32. Chocolate covered bacon (it’s delicious!)

33. Add bacon to your favorite chowder

34. Bacon S’mores

35. Make bacon jam

36. Wrap your corn with bacon before you grill it

37. Add bacon to a classic “wedge” salad

38. Add bacon to your favorite pasta salad recipe

39. Bacon wrapped scallops

40. Peanut butter and bacon sandwich (don’t knock it ’til you try it!)

41. Bacon wrapped meatloaf

42. Bacon wrapped shrimp

43. Candied Chili Bacon

44. Add bacon to your favorite cheesy potato casserole recipe

45. Bacon Fettuccine Alfredo

46. Add bacon to your cheesy garlic bread

47. Bacon Quesadillas

48. Add bacon to your stuffing

49. Chicken Fried Bacon

50. In a BIG pile!!!


Leave a comment with YOUR Bacon Bucket List number!!