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Imaginative play excites me. I love watching creativity build and develop in my children as they make up games and stories and engage in some type of pretend play. As a parent and blogger, I am always eager to find toys that require the child to engage. Kids don’t always need the bells and whistles. In my mind, what makes a toy truly wonderful is when quality and inspiration come together.

That’s why I am so excited to introduce you to the Trudi Mama and Baby Puppets!  Puppets not only develop hand-eye coordination and small motor movements, but can spark creativity and storytelling in young children.  These ultra-soft and oh-so-adorable puppets come in four super-cute styles, and are perfect for playtime. Puppets encourage language and can help children work through their feelings as they role play through their puppet shows.

Even very young children will enjoy the Trudi Mama and Baby Puppets. The removable baby finger puppet is just perfect for peek-a-boo. (And seriously, how can you resist something so cute?!) And – these puppets will stand up to the toughest of toddlers as they are machine-washable!! (I can’t tell you how important that is in a plush toy!)

We chose the Mama Hen & Baby set. (We live on a farm…how could we NOT choose this set?!) It is ADORABLE, and all four kids really enjoy the puppet.

chicken puppet

Trudi is an Italian plush company, known for making children smile. All products are hand-made and double-stitched.

You can choose between Mama Hen & Baby, Mama Owl & Baby, Mama Penguin & Baby, and Mama Koala & Baby. (You may just want to grab all four, because they are ALL so precious!) At $25 a pair, these puppets would make a great gift.

Trudi Puppets

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