How many times has your child gone to use your computer, and a wave of panic has washed over you? You worry that he’ll delete the file you’ve been working on. You worry she’ll find an inappropriate video or website. As parents, we want to protect our children from harmful internet content while at the same time protecting our computer from our child!

Magic Desktop not only features the internet’s safest browser and some of the strongest parental controls, but was designed specifically for kids. With a variety of product “built-ins” and the ability to let your kids explore the internet on your  terms, Magic Desktop is the “go-to” solution for parents.

Today’s kids need computer skills. I love that Magic Desktop allows our kids a safe place to gain valuable computer literacy skills while protecting them from inappropriate images, ads, sites, and content. Kids can learn, play, explore – and even email in a safe environment, completely controlled by parents and safeguarded by the product’s security features.

magic desktop


With Magic Desktop, parents can hand-select the websites they want their child to browse in addition to having full access to the veritable online playground Magic Desktop has created for kids. Magic Desktop creates a personalized learning experience coupled with steady child development by introducing kids to over 50,000 educational games, activities, and videos! Kids and parents will love the access to apps with online content making Magic Desktop more magical than ever!  Parents can even set up parameters, preventing playtime before homework is done! And if you share a computer with your kids, you can switch between Magic Desktop and Windows.

Parent AND kids agree – Magic Desktop is a must-have! Your kids will LOVE the games and entertainment. You’ll love that they are learning as they play, and will rest easy, knowing that they are safe.

Why wouldn’t you safeguard your computer and your children? Let Magic Desktop help. Click to find out more about Magic Desktop!