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My family and I hit the road on our first-ever cross-country trip this past month. We spent two weeks on the road, covering 12 states in 13 days. We were able to experience so much of our amazingly beautiful country as a family. From the natural beauty of Yellowstone to the quiet simplicity of Ohio’s Amish country, we saw it all. We defied gravity on some crazy coasters at Cedar Point, paused at some of the stops on the historic Oregon Trail, and visited Mt. Rushmore. It was an unforgettable trip that our family won’t soon forget, and the perfect balance of history, family time, and fun.

Before we hit the road, I loaded up on activities, created fun playlists, and gathered a variety of snacks and drinks for the car. Since a lot of our time was going to be spent in the van, I wanted to keep all six of us happy and as comfortable as possible -and that meant we were going to need food and fun, along with a few much-needed “sanity breaks” at roadside playgrounds and landmarks.


When packing for our road trip, I wanted to bring a variety of snacks to satisfy cravings and curb hunger between meals. I stocked up on crackers and grabbed a few packages of Flipz. I was able to find the Milk Chocolate and White Fudge flavors at my local grocery store – and am definitely going to be keeping my eye out for the other flavors, Dark Chocolate and Chocolate Mint. (And I just found out they are debuting Birthday Cake in September!!!! Squeee!!)

If you’ve never had Flipz, before – you are missing out! Flipz are that perfect combo of sweet and salty. It takes the salty and tasty pretzel that we all know and love and then dips it in absolutely delicious chocolate. Just like our road trip, Flipz have found the perfect balance of flavors. They’re a little bit salty, a lot a bit sweet, and altogether delicious! Click to learn more about our new favorite snack – Flipz! 


Every time I offered the kids a snack, they asked for the Flipz. It didn’t matter how many varieties of chips and crackers I had on hand – they wanted these tasty little treats. Flipz didn’t quite make it across the entire country with us, as they disappeared pretty quickly! One thing’s for sure – road trips are better with Flipz!! Don’t leave home without them! (And now that we’re back at home – I have a feeling Flipz will become a regular part of our “at-home” snacks as well!)


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No matter where the summer takes you, make sure to take Flipz along for the ride! Happy summer and happy “Flippin'”!