There’s no rest for the mom on the go. You’ve got to pick the kids up from school, put on the washing, prepare tea, make sure the little one’s tucked in bed – and all without a second to yourself. Indeed, we all need time to relax, no matter how busy we are. Yet few moms find the time in their busy schedule for “me-time”. According to the Daily Mail, regular nights with only five hours of sleep and career pressures are damaging the physical health of mothers across the western world.

Yet relaxation doesn’t have to mean a weekend in a beauty spa (although we’d all love one of those). There are plenty of micro ways to find chillax time in your day. So what can you do to let your hair down?

Make shower time- “you” time

You’ve woken up quietly enough to avoid waking up the kids. Quietly you creep to the shower and let the warm circle of water soothe you into another day. This is your time – so purchase some products to help you make the most of it. Luxurious wash products can’t be found on the high street. In fact, most cosmetics and cleaning products are full of products that will leave your hair and skin about as healthy as botulism.

Head online to find some of the finest products for your morning routine. One of our favourites is WEN styling crème, which will make your hair shinier than a diamond. In addition to this, buy natural soaps and soothingly scented body wash.

With all this in your bathroom, you’ll be fighting fit before the kids clamber out of their kip.

A private space

Space – it’s the final frontier, apparently. But you don’t want the universe. All you want is a private space of your own. Virginia Woolf demanded a room of one’s own, so why shouldn’t you? Even when the kids are frolicking around your home, you deserve a retreat filled with your favorite things.

Make sure that your kids understand that they shouldn’t go near your space. Populate it with calming music, warm colours and a few books to give you a breather. So if parental life is making your red in the face, you know where to go.

The power of meditation

Just breathe – it can be a literal lifesaver.

Meditation, seen by western eyes as a bit hokey for centuries, has become a mainstay in relaxation techniques. And it can be done anywhere, from your home to the local park to your workplace. Learn a few techniques from the pros and you’ll be able to lower your stress rates, no matter how zonked you are by parental life.

*Content NOT provided by Chasing Supermom. Article written and links provided  by Kevin Fullerton.