Meal Plan Monday is back! I took a fairly extended break from this weekly post, but now that the blessed routine of fall has kicked in, I find myself having more time to schedule and plan this reader favorite.

I have loved starting to delve into my “fall” recipes. I’ve pulled out my slow cooker and even made a soup. I can’t wait for the weather to keep getting chillier, so I can really go crazy with all of my fall casseroles and autumn flavors. It’s my favorite time of year! Hope you enjoy the return of Meal Plan Monday. My hope is that you’ll be inspired or grab a new idea or two to help get you out of any existing dinner “ruts.” Happy meal planning everyone!


Sunday: Slow Cooker Angel Chicken with Bow-Tie Pasta

It couldn’t get any easier than this meal. Cream of chicken soup, cream cheese, and Italian dressing mix create a delicious sauce that goes great over pasta. Leave your chicken breasts whole or shred when cooked.

Monday: Ham, Egg, and Cheese Sandwiches, Fruit, Hashbrowns

We absolutely love these sandwiches. I start by making over-hard eggs. Fried eggs would work great too – we just don’t care for runny yolks. Next, I prepare a grilled cheese sandwich with the addition of ham. I add the egg before serving. Delicious and so easy!

Tuesday: Chasing Supermom’s 10 Minute Chili, Cornbread

My kids love this chili – and I love how quick and affordable it is to make. It’s somewhere in the middle of a true chili and a taco soup. Easy, cheap, delicious!

easy chili recipe

Wednesday: Meatloaf, Southwest Mashed Potatoes, Corn on the Cob (fresh from our garden!)

Our beef came in this week, so I had to make meatloaf. I don’t think I ever make my meatloaf the same way. I never use a recipe – I just toss in a little of this and a little of that. =) I love adding sautéed veggies to my meat mixture!

Southwest Mashed Potatoes

Thursday: Tomato Cream Pasta, Beans, Garlic Bread

I LOVE the simplicity of this classic Pioneer Woman dish. You’d never guess that the sauce is basically just tomato sauce (out of a can!), garlic, olive oil, and cream. It’s amazing. She’s magic.


Friday: Meatball Subs, Zucchini Fries, M&M Cookie Pie

Family Night! We watched Night at the Museum and enjoyed one of our faves – meatball subs. These are so easy, and I totally cheat and use frozen meatballs. I do however, top my sammies with my homemade marinara sauce. So good!

Saturday: Tuna Egg Rolls,  Turkey Egg Rolls, Rice

I was tasked with creating a higher-end tuna dish, and came up with these egg rolls. I absolutely LOVE cabbage, and really enjoy making egg rolls. They’re a unique twist. Don’t like tuna? Simply make with ground turkey or even shredded chicken. Egg rolls are really versatile and much easier to make than you’d think! My kids can’t get enough rice, so we eat a lot of it!

Tuna egg rolls

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