My brother in law quit his job this week, and I couldn’t be more excited for him. He didn’t quit to make more money. He didn’t quit because he had a beef with a co-worker. He quit to CREATE. Jeremy has learned something important -there is JOY in creativity. He knows what many don’t – creativity is sanity.

When we create, we add something to the world. We leave a mark. We better ourselves and the world around us.

Creativity is influence.

Creativity is contagious.

Creativity is inspiration.

Creativity is change.

Creativity is hope.


Creativity keeps us moving forward. It propels society and inspires us to try new things…old things…anything! We must keep trying, building, designing, and making things.
Without creativity there is complacency.

Without creativity there is boredom.

Without creativity there is apathy.

Without creativity there is stagnation.

When we don’t make time or room in our life for creativity, we get stuck.


If you aren’t able to find a way to create for a living like my brother in law who now makes furniture and art, or my mom who sews for a living, find a way to create for YOU….for others…for JOY. Just create.

So many people have accepted a terrible lie. “I’m not creative.” We’ve gotten the idea in our head that “creative” means extraordinarily talented or a completely unconventional outside-the-box thinker. You don’t have to be the next Picasso to be creative. You don’t need to be capable of building a computer in your garage. Just put YOUR talents, passions, and abilities to work and see what you can come up with.


Creative can be coming up with a recipe for Pumpkin Blondies. Creativity can be finding a solution to a problem. Creativity can be taking snapshots of your kids. Creativity can be creating the perfect fall mantle. Creativity can be coming up with an exercise routine, making a quilt, sewing your own diaper inserts, arranging flowers from your yard, or coming up with a fall wardrobe. Creativity is music, drawing, cooking, fashion, decorating, gardening, problem-solving, dancing, movement, photography, writing, scrapbooking, beading, communication, teaching, designing, coloring, and about ten million other things. Find YOUR outlet. It doesn’t matter if you are writing poetry or designing a fairy garden – creativity is creativity, and creativity is tantamount to joy.

Choose joy today. Choose to move forward. Choose to put your gifts, talents, and passions to work. Change the world. Change your life. Create.