Come and meet those dancing feet, on the avenue I’m taking you to, Forty-Second Street!

My husband and I had the privilege of attending the production of 42nd Street at the Keller Auditorium in Portland, Oregon. It was AMAZING. Can I just tell you that I’d choose the theater over a concert just about any day of the week?! This was the perfect date night, and something both of us LOVED.


Caitlin Ehlinger absolutely SHINES as Peggy Sawyer, with a fresh-faced innocence, tap skills that rival the greats, and eyes that sparkle. It was so clear that she is doing what she loves. Matthew Taylor delivers as Julian Marsh with just the right blend of bravado, magnetism, and swoon-worthy singing. The entire cast was incredible, giving stunning performances, full of heart.

My favorite moments during the show were when the entire ensemble danced together. Talk about jaw-dropping. The theater would absolutely erupt with cheers. THAT is what show-business is all about. When a talented group of people come together and do what they love in chorus – it’s just MAGICAL.

Not only are your toes tapping and lips mouthing the words you know and love, you find yourself inspired. Theater is art. I dare you NOT to be moved. This talented ensemble will stir something in you, and have you putting yourself to bed with the “lullaby of Broadway.”


I urge you to go see 42nd Street. The world needs musical theater. It’s such a brighter place because of it. Get your tickets and experience a night of music, dancing, and theater magic.

If you are in the Portland metro area, check out Broadway in Portland. Not only can you grab tickets for 42nd Street, you can get tickets for ALL of their upcoming shows. (And there are some GREAT shows in the line-up this year!!)42door

Get your tickets to 42nd Street in Portland! 42nd Street will be in Portland now through November 1st!

If you are outside of the Portland area, click HERE for more info on where this show is headed next. There are lots of stops across the country – so make plans to catch a showing of this classic musical!