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My four year old is beginning to learn to read. Books with predictable text and sight words are part of our daily routine. As an emerging reader, it’s so important to build up his confidence while providing him with the necessary practice, repetition, and foundational literacy skills he needs. Teaching our children to read can feel overwhelming – but it’s something you CAN accomplish at home – especially when you have great tools, books, and apps to help you.


The Bob Books have long been trusted to guide young learners on their path to literacy. This popular series of emergent readers comes to life in the Bob Books Reading Magi – Sight Words app. This is a MUST-HAVE for parents of preschoolers and kindergartners. Kids already familiar with Bob, Sam, & Dot will love seeing their favorite characters in animated form.

As kids use the app, they are able to hear words sounded out, adding another layer of understanding. Kids drag and drop letters to form new sight words as the letters are said aloud.

Other levels allow kids to trace letters, helping them deepen their understanding of the alphabet while practicing early writing skills. Layers upon layers of learning occur while using this app. Kids SEE the sight words. Kids HEAR the sight words and letter read aloud. Kids WRITE the sight words letter by letter.



Bob Books, America’s #1 learn to read program, is proud to present Bob Books Reading Magic – Sight Words, the newest addition to our popular series of apps for 3-5 year olds.

Bob Books App

Interacting with the app on my iPad has heightened my son’s level of interest in reading, built his confidence, and strengthened his basic literacy skills.

The app allows your preschooler to work independently – or side by side with a parent. It’s simple enough for a young child to use on their own, but “rich” enough to become part of a homeschool curriculum or guided learning time. Whether you are simply looking for a more educational app for your child to use during outings or in the car, or if you are looking to supplement and enrich a curriculum, the Bob Books Reading Magic – Sight Words app is a natural choice.

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Learn on the go or integrate the app into your existing curriculum. The Bob Books Reading Magic – Sight Words app is wonderful “edutainment!” Download, discover, and LEARN with Bob Books Reading Magic Sight Words today!!

The app is $3.99 and is available for the iPhone and iPad. Get the Bob Books app here!