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I was a natural speller. I competed in regional spelling bees and never struggled to spell words correctly. However, my children need to work a bit harder to spell. As a parent, and as their teacher, I love finding easy-to-use spelling resources that can ease their frustration while simultaneously helping them complete their work.

When my children (9 & 7) sit down to do their writing, I first have them make an attempt at unknown words. They sound out the words to the best of their ability, and write it down often using approximated or phonetic spelling. Their next step is to circle any words they are unsure of, and look up the correct spelling. Easy Spelling Aid allows them to immediately discover the correct spelling for words and even phrases! No searching. No frustration. No guessing.

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What I love about Easy Spelling Aid is that it easily complements our homeschooling curriculum, and allows my children to self-check their work. My kids aren’t yet using the computer to complete their writing assignments. Rather than hauling out the giant dictionary (which is difficult to use when you aren’t sure how to spell the word you are looking for!!), Easy Spelling Aid offers a quick and easy solution. This is a kid-friendly and classroom-friendly app that every teacher and homeschooling parent needs to be aware of.


The first time my kids used the app, they couldn’t have been more delighted. As soon as my son got his first result he said, “That’s SO cool. I want to do it again!” Spelling made FUN! Does it get any better?

Singular in purpose, Easy Spelling Aid gets right to the point. If you or your kids need a little extra help with spelling – this is the app for you! Not sure how to spell a word? Simply tap the microphone, say the word in question, and watch the word appear on the screen. Users can select different languages, scripts (print or cursive), and can change the background. There is also a few options designed to help those who struggle with dyslexia.

The app retails for just $2.99 and is available for both the iPad and the iPhone. Get the Easy Spelling Aid app!