Babies of the 80’s are sure to remember Popples! I remember several years where a Popples plush was on my Christmas wish list. While I never got one, I am SO excited that my kids are going to get to experience these unique and lovable toys. That’s right…Popples are back!!

If you have Netflix, you’ve likely noticed the Popples are back in an all-new cartoon series! The show is streaming on Netflix NOW, so tune in and enjoy this new series as a family. It’s whimsical. It’s cute. They’re going to love it!

popples on netflix
Popples is also partnering with Round Table Pizza for themed Family Buffet Nights every Tuesday night in November from 5-8pm! Grab the family and plan to have a Popples Pizza Night! (We recently went to our local Round Table, and saw their display! Super cute, and delish pizza! We love their buffet!)


What is a Popple? A Popple is a plush pal that goes from furry friend to a ball! Brightly colored and oh-so-soft, Popples are an instant hit with kids. They LOVE figuring out how to stuff their plush pal into a ball, leaving just that tell-tale tail!

popples collage

Popples will be coming to mid-November and will be available in stores in December! Keep an eye out and plan to include Popples in your holiday shopping this year! The kids on your shopping list would LOVE a Popple of their very own!


My son helped me review Popples as his two sisters will each get their very own Popple in their stocking this year!! I know my girls are going to love their new plush Popple friends!