Gratitude can change your life. When we adopt an attitude of gratitude, our perspective shifts from what we don’t have to everything we do. It erases discontent and reminds us of our blessings.

I wrote a list of 100 small things that I am grateful for. Smells. Tastes. Tiny blessings. These are the things we skip over. We forget. Yet these are the things that fill up our days.

I challenge you to read through my list, and then make one of your own. Consider the small things – the mundane. Think about the everyday things we take for granted. We spend so much time waiting for the next “big” thing that we so often miss the small things. And let me tell you – life is so much more about the small things than the few and far-between big things.

Start becoming more aware of the small things. Relish the little things. Use your senses. Observe. Smile. Live from a place of gratitude for everything and watch your life change.

small things collage


  1. the first blooms of lavender in my yard each spring
  2. the smell of the earth after a rain
  3. that first sip of ice cold Diet Coke in the morning
  4. holding my husband’s hand
  5. fresh air breezing in through an open window
  6. the first snowflakes of the season
  7. watching old Disney movies with my children
  8. re-reading chapter books I loved as a child with my kids
  9. really good pickles
  10. opening a new box of crayons
  11. snuggling with my favorite quilt
  12. opening the chicken coop to find eggs
  13. decorating for the holidays
  14. when every member of my family enjoys the dinner I’ve made
  15. licking the beater
  16. a cold pillow at night
  17. fresh sheets
  18. Doris Day music
  19. watching my kids get caught up in a book
  20. field trip days
  21. the smell of your house when your crockpot has been on all day
  22. mornings when I’m up, dressed, and have had my coffee before the kids wake up
  23. encouraging emails from readers
  24. lighting candles
  25. ridiculously large salads
  26. cookies fresh out of the oven
  27. the “what was I thinking” moment right before a roller-coaster hill
  28. cherry anything
  29. the way my kids smell after a bath
  30. catching my husband’s eye across the room when the kids are being silly/cute
  31. watching the leaves change color
  32. when the contestant I’m rooting for on my goofy reality shows actually wins
  33. cinnamon
  34. fuzzy socks
  35. discovering a new author or book series that I love
  36. beef, tomato, and ham pizza
  37. finding a root beer Dum-Dum in the bag
  38. when no one sits in front of you at the movie theater
  39. quoting cheesy movies
  40. thrift stores
  41. extra-sharp cheese
  42. finding a parking spot close to the door
  43. Rocky Road candy bars
  44. essential oils
  45. back rubs
  46. when cities put Christmas lights on the trees and buildings
  47. when you’re humming a song, turn the radio on, and it’s playing
  48. being on time
  49. vintage anything
  50. jeans that fit just right
  51. soft funky t-shirts
  52. kids in footie pajamas
  53. being in a hot-tub when it’s cold outside
  54. mellow-creme pumpkins
  55. a day with no-one in time-out
  56. when a checker opens a new lane at the grocery store just for you
  57. re-runs of 80’s cartoons
  58. when I can actually figure out how to do a hairstyle I watched in a tutorial video
  59. slightly under-ripe bananas
  60. entering giveaways
  61. watching videos of Disneyland rides on YouTube
  62. when it is sunny and NOT warm
  63. old music that has that wonderfully warm and “scratchy” quality
  64. live jazz
  65. 60’s bakeware
  66. when the Buckeyes play well
  67. the perfect cup of Earl Grey tea
  68. wax melts
  69. hoodies
  70. a made bed
  71. Chopped marathons
  72. donuts
  73. writing a piece that connects with my readers
  74. watching college football with my husband
  75. driving a 4-wheeler
  76. walking into my backyard and hearing nothing but nature
  77. fireworks
  78. the smell of old books
  79. sitting around a fire
  80. hearing my kids say they don’t miss public school
  81. Christmas music
  82. baking
  83. when none of the commercials during a break are inappropriate
  84. old-fashioned candy stores
  85. the beach
  86. looking for the red clearance stickers at Target
  87. almond-scented anything
  88. when my husband and I both want to watch the same movie
  89. cookbooks
  90. when you go to a park, zoo, museum, etc. on a “slow” day/lower attendance day
  91. when the movie ends the way you want it to
  92. chocolate marshmallow cookies
  93. when you finish your whole bowl of cereal before it gets soggy
  94. early bedtime night for the kids
  95. family movie nights
  96. when my kids want me to read to them
  97. farm-fresh apples
  98. better-than-expected traffic
  99. lemon water
  100. when the grocery stores start stocking the holiday-flavored creamers

What will YOU find to be grateful for? Ferris was right: life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around, you might miss it!