Pretend play is one of the cornerstones of childhood. It awakens the imagination. When a child PLAYS, magic happens!

The Classic Wooden Tea Set is absolutely magical. For only $29.99 you get 25 wooden pieces….and let me tell you – each piece is ADORABLE! From the swirled roll cake to the teapot to the cake you can actually “cut”, this set is sure to inspire many afternoon tea parties.

When your child sits down with their bears, dolls, and other real, plush, or imaginary friends, she/he will be the best host or hostess on the block. As they pour the tea and serve the cakes or cookies, they’ll practice conversation while working through scenarios, work their fine motor and hand/eye coordination skills, and experience a playtime void of screens. This Classic Wooden Tea Set inspires creativity, encourages hands-on heads-up play, and provides your child with everything they need to activate their imagination.

This set is detailed and durable. It’s not everyday that you find toys that are not only cute, but well-made. The wooden set is tough enough to stand up to any toddler. We’ve had a handful of tea sets, and this set from Lakeshore Learning is the best quality set we’ve owned. With no flimsy plastic pieces or breakable porcelain to worry about, you

tea set


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Put this absolutely adorable wooden tea set under your tree this year and delight a child in your life.