Every year, I find myself making long detailed lists of goals. Some call these “resolutions.” Some call them life-changes. Others get caught up in battles of rhetoric and shame anyone resolving to do, accomplish, or “be” in the coming year. I’ve never been one of those people. I’ve lived on the polar opposite side of the spectrum – the crazy side – the side desperately yearning to make the coming year the BEST one yet.

I’ve always fancied that I was creating lists of meaningful life changes when in reality I was making long, detailed, and unrealistic to-do lists. My goal wasn’t really to become a better person. Instead, my goal was to check things off a list to give the appearance of being a better person. The things on my list were either out of my control (ie- have X amount of moms sign up for mom’s group, get X amount of Pinterest followers, etc.) or were steeped in expectation. In my mind, if I accomplished XYZ, then I could look back on the year and deem it “successful.”

As I sit and think about what real success is, I’m not sure I can measure the success of my life by whether or not I’ve mastered the perfect macaron or if I’ve found  a publisher. I could have the biggest blog following, write a bestseller, have the world’s cleanest house, and have the most meticulously planned homeschool curriculum on earth – and not have the type of success that really matters.

My question for you is this – Are the goals, accomplishments, and “check-boxes” you’re chasing going to make you happier, kinder, more fulfilled? Do they promote your spiritual or emotional health? Do they allow for more time with the people in your life you love? Will they truly make you a BETTER human being?

Over the next few days, I’m going to be sharing with you my revamped list of resolutions – the life changes I want to make that will ultimately guide me towards the type of success that matters. Acclaim, money, status, popularity…..none of these things really mean anything if we don’t have peace, joy, and love. Those are the things I’ll be chasing this year. Join me.