It’s a new year and people are thinking about ways to get organized, save money, and do things more efficiently. When it really comes down to it, we want more time to spend with family, more money in our pockets, and less stress and chaos in our day to day life. Meal planning can help with all of those goals.

I am a religious meal planner and love the way meal planning blesses my life. (Find out my Top 10 Reasons I Love Meal Planning or spend some time perusing the Meal Plan Monday Archives for inspiration.)

I haven’t blogged a Meal Plan Monday post in months, and wanted to start back up. My hope in sharing these is that you’ll come away with an idea or two that can help get you out of your dinner rut, or that you’ll simply be inspired to create a meal plan of your own. Happy planning everyone!


Sunday: Broccoli Chicken Casserole, Salad

I seriously adore casseroles. They’re so easy to make, easy to customize, and typically go over really well with my kids. This casserole featured stuffing, cheese, chicken, and broccoli – and even my vegetable-hating five year old ate it up!


*Pic courtesy of Taste of Home (mine pretty much looked just like that!)

Monday: Homemade Turkey Noodle Soup, Biscuits

I think my favorite thing about making a turkey is getting to make my own stock. As soon as I’ve stripped all the meat from the bones, I throw the bones in a large pot, add water, an onion, salt, and some spices, and let it simmer away. I remove the bones, and let the broth sit in the fridge overnight. Then, I skim off the fat, heat up the broth (now all wonderfully jiggly and jelly-like) and add veggies, meat, and noodles. It’s so easy and SO delicious!


Tuesday: Cracker Barrel Chicken, Cauliflower Mash, Banana Fluff, Green Beans

If you live near a Cracker Barrel, I am officially jealous of you. Whenever we go visit my husband’s family, we make sure to eat at one several times. It’s just SO good! (Come on West Coast, get with it!) These chicken tenders are pretty close to what you get in the restaurant, and very good!


Wednesday: Jambalaya, Corn Bread

One of these days, I will need to put my jambalaya recipe up on the blog. It’s so good – and a family favorite. I make mine using smoked sausage and chicken, as none of us care for shrimp or scallops. I make mine mild, keeping the spice level one that the whole family can appreciate.

I was excited to make corn bread because I got to use my new cast iron skillet that my husband got me for Christmas. Worked like a charm.


Thursday: Lemon Chicken, Pasta Box, French Bread

This was my first time ever making or eating lemon chicken, so I was a little bit nervous – but 2/3 of us really enjoyed it. I followed her recipe exactly except substituted parmesan for the romano cheese. Very moist and delicious.


Friday: Creamy Chicken Enchiladas, Crockpot Refried Beans, Chocolate Cake

I was so excited for the return of Family Night! We all love Mexican food, so dinner was a winner. My son and I made a homemade chocolate cake (that featured a cup of coffee in the batter to bring out the chocolate flavor!) We also watched WALL-E.


Saturday: Sandwiches

On busy days, cut yourself some slack! It’s okay to do an easy dinner! We had a family gathering Saturday afternoon, and we needed something light and easy for dinner.


Until next Monday, happy planning everyone!