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One of my favorite things is making holidays special for my children and family. Whether we are celebrating Christmas or Groundhog’s Day, I love to find ways to make the day memorable. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and I’ve already begun plans to make it a fun family day.

This year, in addition to our family valentines, heart-shaped/red & pink meal, and sugar cookie decorating, we will be watching two great DVDs from PBS- Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Would You Be Mine? and WordWorld: Be My Valentine. Each DVD features episodes that focus on love and caring for others – making them perfect for Valentine’s Day.

I grew up watching Mr. Rogers and absolutely love that his legacy is living on in Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. In Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Would You Be Mine?, young viewers are treated to eight special stories, including, “It’s Love Day”, and “Daniel’s Love Day Surprise.” Kids will learn to care for others, show kindness and respect, and how to demonstrate love to family and friends.

I love the lesson, “Find your own way to say, “I love you.” My own children will be encouraged to find their own special way to show love to their family this Valentine’s Day. They may bake treats, make cards, give a hug, etc. Daniel Tiger is helping them to realize that we are all different and that each of us has something special and unique to share with others.

This DVD is approximately 110 minutes.


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In WordWorld: Be My Valentine, kids are treated to five stories, including “My Fuzzy Valentine” and “Love, Bug.” I love that “My Fuzzy Valentine” focuses on rhyme, which can be a difficult concept for many young learners to master. In “Love, Bug”, Bug is learning to write his name – something many preschoolers can identify with! After you watch this DVD, you’ll have lots of natural opportunities to talk about early learning concepts with your kids!

WordWorld is a terrific show for getting kids excited about letters, words, and spelling. Kids literally see letters come to life in WordWorld. I love watching my little girl smile and shout out letters she is learning. It’s wonderful when entertainment results in education.

This DVD is approximately 6o minutes.


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