One of my favorite Easter-time traditions is one of the easiest! My kids look forward to this fun tradition every year – excited about the “magic” and the surprise.

Each year, my children plant jellybeans, and patiently wait for lollipops to grow. The surprise on their face when they see that their jellybeans have “grown” is priceless. You’ll love how EASY this is to pull off, and they’ll love the candy surprise. What child has never dreamed of planting a candy tree?!


Here is what you’ll need: 

*I used the Large Swirl Lollipops from Oriental Trading. These lollipops are BIG and really add to the wow factor when the surprise is revealed! They are a fantastic value at just $6.99 for a dozen. (That’s less than $0.60 a lollipop! You won’t find  these for that price at your local grocery store!)

  • Flower pot with dirt/soil

*We choose to plant our jellybeans indoors rather than outside, so the lollipops remain fresh and untouched by nature! If you live in an area without a lot of wildlife, or if you are certain to be up before your kids, feel free to plant your jellybeans outside.


You can choose to tell the story one of two ways:

  1. Plant the jellybeans the night/week before Easter, and let the magic of Easter/the Easter bunny turn them into lollipops on Easter morning.
  2. Plant the “magic” jellybeans the Easter bunny brings on Easter morning, and wake up to a garden of lollipops the next morning.

If you wanted to be fancy or up the ante, you could certainly print a cute label or little note from the Easter bunny explaining about the magic jellybeans and/or providing them instructions on how to plan them.


Your children are going to LOVE planting magic jellybeans and waiting to see what grows. Have fun starting this whimsical tradition with your family.

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*This post is brought to you by Oriental Trading. I received free product to facilitate my post. Opinions my own.