This post was sponsored by P&G as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.

I sneak out of bed – eager to enjoy the rare silence that only comes in the early morning hours. Coffee started, I snuggle up on the couch to draft a blog post, check and respond to emails, and go over the day’s homeschool lessons before the kids are up and  the morning grind begins.

Around 7:30, I hear four sets of feet on the stairs and our non-stop day begins. This is today. This is every day. This is the life of a busy, working, homeschooling, mom of 4.

It’s oatmeal and farm-fresh eggs before the kids head out to feed the chickens. I gather up the breakfast dishes and throw them right into the dishwasher. I don’t have time for pre-rinsing and pre-washing. I have things to do!



Thank goodness for Cascade Complete® Action Pacs! Even last night’s stuck-on gravy will wash away. (Because let’s be honest – when the kids “help” load the dishwasher, they don’t scrape!) With the power of Dawn (our fave dish soap!), Cascade Complete Action Pacs are the tougher tough food cleaner.



With the dishwasher humming away, I dash into my room to get dressed for the day and throw my hair into a ponytail. Darting into the bathroom to brush my teeth, I notice the shower. Last night’s dirty feet are left on the shower floor, along with a handful of toys. I only have an hour until we start school for the day, but with a few swipes of a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, my shower floor is clean. Since every Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is water-activated, I didn’t need to go digging through the cleaning cabinets for cleaners and rags. The water-activated micro scrubbers cut right through the dirt and grime, leaving nothing but a sparkly shower for my family…..and the animals utilizing the train track. 😉 I tuck the box of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers back under the sink so I can easily grab one the next time the bathroom needs cleaning or someone uses the wall as their canvas….not that that ever happens. 😉



I glance at the clock and see that I have enough time to return a few social media follows before starting on the day’s laundry. (And let me tell you – I do A LOT of laundry!) I run upstairs, grab the boys’ hamper and try not to inhale too deeply. (Growing boys don’t always smell so nice.) I head into the laundry room and throw a load of clothes into the washer with a capful of Gain Original  -but not before breathing in that glorious fresh scent that makes laundry bearable. Even if I get busy and forget to swap the clothes into the dryer, that fresh scent keeps my clothes smelling great.



When you’re a working mom with kids to care for, a home to take care of, and deadlines to meet, you rely on quality products. It’s the little details inside every Procter & Gamble product that really make the difference. Procter & Gamble products are available at Costco – making it easy to pick them up the next time you need a muffin fix! With products that are easy to use, efficient (no re-washing or pre-washing!), and dependable, I can keep my home running smoothly AND have time for the blog, the kids, my handsome husband, and a full day of homeschooling.

And this morning? I have 15 minutes before our homeschooling day starts. The dishes are done. The laundry is going. Even the shower has been cleaned! I have time for a second cup of coffee!


Busy mama – just keep calm and use P&G. They’ve got you covered.