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As a family of 6, it can sometimes be difficult to find a game that everyone enjoys. Even amongst our 4 children, it can be tricky to find games that are engaging and educational at each unique level. Tenzi fits the bill. I love having a game that can easily be adapted for different age/grade levels, is educational, AND fun!


What is Tenzi? Tenzi is a dice game that can be played many different ways. In original Tenzi, each player simultaneously rolls 10 dice and races to collect 10 of the same number. It’s fast-paced, fun, and jam-packed with opportunities for learning.

The perks of Tenzi are pretty much endless. Here are a few of my favorite perks:

  • No waiting for your turn! Everyone plays at once! (A big benefit to younger players who are sometimes short on patience!)
  • SO many different ways to play means the game never becomes dull or boring.
  • Kids are learning about number recognition, patterning, estimation, percentages, addition….so many valuable math skills (and they don’t even realize it!)
  • The dice are pretty. (Okay, so that’s not as important as gaining math skills -but these dice are SO cute and colorful!)


When you purchase the Tenzi Card Deck, the possibilities for game play skyrocket! The Tenzi Card Deck gives you 77 different ways to play the game! 77!! With so many variations, you’ll never get bored. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Farmzi – Make the sound of your favorite barnyard animal after each roll. (We live on a farm, so we found this one to be especially fun!)
  • Leftzi-Rightzi- Switch hands after every roll. Right, left, right left, etc. (Great for reinforcing right hand/left hand in little ones!)
  • Re-Rollzi- Anyone can shout “Re-Roll” at any time during the game, and EVERYONE has to start over. (Super fun to do if someone is just about to win…just ask my kids!) 😉

Your family will never get bored. Whether you’re enjoying a game on family night or supplementing your homeschool math curriculum, there’s never a dull moment with Tenzi.




Tenzi retails on  the Timberdoodle site for just $13.95! Purchase Tenzi for your family by clicking HERE. You can also purchase the Tenzi Card Deck for $9.95 HERE.

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