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Living on a farm, it’s no surprise that my daughter LOVES animals. While she loves the cows and chickens on the farm, she has a special place in her heart for the horse. Perhaps her favorite thing to do for the horse, is to feed him – especially carrots.

It came as no surprise that my daughter loved the Horse Feeding Playset from Schleich. Watch her unbox the Horse Feeding Playset as well as the gorgeous Frisian Horse Car Set:

The Frisian Horse Care set includes the gorgeous black Frisisan, a horse blanket, and feed bag. This set retails for just $12.99. The Horse Feeding Playset includes a Trakehner foal and stallion, girl, carrots, hay bales, feeding basket, and fencing. This set retails for $24.99.

My daughter said she loves how the horses are stable, and don’t fall over – unlike other horse figurines on the market. She loves the versatility of the fence, enabling her to create a corral or a square fence. She loved the details included in the sets – the small carrots, the feed bag, the bales of hay….the things which really make the playset feel life-like and realistic. She thought the horse figurines were beautiful, and loved their coloring.


Schleich isn’t just inspiring my own children, they’re also sparking the imagination of kids across the country and around the world. Schleich recently invited children to tell a story. Watch how these children creatively use Schleich figurines to express their ideas:

Schleich has been dedicated to providing hand-painted, high quality, incredibly detailed playworlds and figurines designed to stimulate the imagination and engage children in play for 80 years. My daughter immediately wanted to play with the figurines and playset, and quickly invited her siblings to join her. My children spent the next hour and a half playing “farm.” It was so fun to see her set up the corral, moving the horses in and out, pretending to feed and care for them, as she does with our real horse.


Schleich is introducing 18 new products to its Horse Club collection this year, including figurines, playsets, and accessories. Check out the Schleich website for more information on


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