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We’ve been friends for awhile now, so today – we’re getting personal….and talking about pads. I’ll admit – it’s not a comfortable topic or one I’d ever thought I’d be talking about on the blog – BUT, women need to know about these pads.

We’ve all experienced the downfalls of traditional pads. They leak. They smell. They bunch up. They move out of place. They make embarrassing noises. You feel like you’re wearing a diaper. It’s gross – not to mention an expense you literally throw in the trash each and every month.

Enter Bloody Good Pads– reusable cloth pads you’ll actually enjoy wearing.

I get it. I was skeptical too. When my friend Alyssa (owner and creator of Bloody Good Pads) told me about cloth pads, I thought it was gross. It wasn’t for me. Go talk to “crunchy” moms. Won’t that ruin my laundry? Won’t they stain? How can a pad be comfortable? I had so many doubts…..and then I tried them.


So here we go. Confession time. My name is Bekki and I like wearing cloth pads. (And I have a sneaking suspicion that you will too!) Here’s why you NEED to try cloth pads:

  • They are COMFORTABLE. No more feeling like you’re wearing your child’s diaper. No more crinkly plastic and sticky tape. These pads feel amazingly comfortable. They’re super soft and feel great. Alyssa uses high quality fabrics and backings – and you’ll feel the difference right away.


  • They are CUTE!! Who would have ever guessed that you’d say your pads are CUTE??! But they totally are! I love my Alice in Wonderland and Big Bang Theory pads so so much. My Pop Tarts liner is to die for. I have never once thought a gross plastic maxi pad was cute. These are different.



  • They will save you money!! Think about how much you spend each year on pads and tampons. Let’s say you’re a budget shopper and spend $5 a month on period supplies. That’s $60 a year that goes straight into the trash. For the same price, you could get a collection of reusable cloth pads that will last you forever. Just think about never having to buy pads again. No more awkward trips to the grocery store. No more sending your spouse to the aisle to search for “wings” or “ultra-thin” anymore. No more money in the trash. Buy it once. Have it forever.


  • These are environmentally friendly. Think about all the waste traditional pads and tampons cause. These help us do our part to keep unnecessary trash out of the landfills. (And it keeps your body away from harsh chemicals often found in tampons and some pads!)

You might still be skeptical, thinking they will be hard to deal with or difficult to wash. They’re not. I toss mine in with my regular laundry with no problems. Nothing else gets stained. I’ve never had a pad stain. Alyssa recommends washing them in a good detergent and drying them on low. (Although I’ve always just dried mine as per usual without a problem.) Easy peasy.

And, with a 10 year old daughter, I know that in a few years, she’ll likely be needing pads. We all remember back to when we started our period, and how mortifying and scary it was. There was little to smile about. What if our daughters could have pads and liners that made them smile? A CUTE pad in a fabric that a girl loves could make a bit of difference, and make an awkward time more bearable. Your daughter will be more comfortable, experience less “leakage”, and can be involved in choosing pads and liners that she enjoys. If you have a teenage or tween daughter, I urge you to buy her a few of these pads and let her try the difference. Let her pick one out. (Because really, a Pop Tarts or UP pad seriously beats the sticky, gauzy, Pull-Upesque things you get at the drugstore!)

reusable pads

Please- go check out Bloody Good Pads and try the difference for yourself!! She offers a variety of different absorbencies and pads to suit your needs. Here is what Alyssa has to say about her selection:
Liner: This absorbency is perfect for days of light spotting! Some women also use them for discharge when they are not on their period.
Light: This absorbency is best used towards the end of your period, when the bleeding is too much for a liner but not quite enough to warrant a bigger pad.
Moderate/regular: This absorbency is great for the middle of your period when bleeding starts to taper off.
Heavy: This is absorbency is often used in the daytime during the beginning of your period when bleeding is at it’s heaviest.
Overnight: Pads designed for overnight are typically longer than a heavy pad and slightly more absorbent.


A portion of EVERY SALE is donated to the fight to end sex trafficking! Do good for yourself and do good for the world!

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