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Transform your iPad into a phonics learning station with the help of Square Panda. Square Panda is a learning tool that provides young learners a new way to interact with the iPad. Early learners play their way to reading fluency by engaging with smart letters while the research-validated games detect the letters they choose.

The games guide children as they learn the alphabet, explore letter sounds, discover rhymes, and build vocabulary. Square Panda is unique because it is the only comprehensive multi-sensory phonics product on the market with 14 levels of phonics instruction and a diagnostics engine that measures each child’s individual progress, challenges, preferences for game types, and patterns of play. The more your child plays with Square Panda, the more it becomes customized to them.


I love the way parents are able to customize their child’s experience with the product. In the Playground, parents are able to download photos of people and familiar words/objects. If your child places the letters, “DADDY” on their playset, a photo of their dad will appear on the screen! You can also check on your child’s progress, control words that are shown, block words, etc.

Square Panda has 4 great games – Lagoon, Bowling, Letter Lab, and Bubbles. Each of these apps is free to download, and all four work with the system. Choose the game that is right for your child’s learning needs, or allow them to play all 4. Each game is engaging, interactive, and designed to help your child build their fluency and early reading skills. This isn’t just a game – it’s an investment in your child’s pathway to literacy.


My preschooler enjoyed playing Lagoon. Lagoon is perfect for children learning the alphabet, letter sounds, word construction, vocabulary comprehension, spelling and reading fluency. She was immediately drawn to the tactile and interactive nature of Square Panda. She loved using the letters – and loved that the game responded to her and what she was doing.


Letter Lab was just right for my kindergartner who is currently working on early reading skills. The game helps reinforce the most fundamental skill in reading readiness, sound symbol correspondence! At the end, children spell and create their very own creatures!


Watch the following video to see Square Panda in action and to learn more about this exciting educational tool:


Square Panda retails for $119.00 and is available at: https://squarepanda.com/.  I encourage you to check out their website to learn more about this innovative learning tool.

*Square Panda is compatible with iPad 3 and later and all iPad mini models except the iPad mini 1. The Square Panda playset requires Bluetooth 4.0 which is not supported by the first and second generation iPad devices.

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