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When we get together with family and friends, we LOVE to play games. I’m always looking for new games to bring the family together – especially games that make us laugh.

Yesterday, we had the chance to try out Mouthguard Challenge from Identity Games – and there was most definitely laughter!! Based on the Youtube sensation with over 30 million views to date, Alex Mandel brings the newest Party game right to your home. Players wear the included mouthguards and attempt to complete various challenges to earn points.


The game comes with 5 mouthguards, 51 specially developed tasks, and revenge cards. Anyone can play the game or just sit back and watch the fun. The tasks not only contain words or phrases, but also challenge you in a completely different way! Break out the laughs with this Crazy party game that’s a Mouthful of Fun!


The game box suggests the game is for those 16+. However, by removing a handful of cards from the deck, elementary school children (who are independent readers) can join in the fun. (The mouthguards are more challenging to fit into smaller mouths, but my 8 and 10 year old had no problem.)

Mouthguard Challenge was hysterical. Everyone was laughing all night long. It was so fun to see my kids bonding over something so wonderfully silly. Take a peak at two of my kids trying to complete one of the challenges:


Mouthguard Challenge would make a great holiday gift and is a must-have for your next family gathering or get-together!! Your friends and family will love taking the challenge.

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