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My little boy has LOVED trains for as long as I can remember. Over the years, we’ve collected an assortment of trains – but none quite as beautiful as Whittle Shortline Railroad. (And best thing ever- they are compatible with all major wooden railways including Thomas and Brio!!) Each of the trains are hand-crafted, and painted using child-safe paints and finishes.

I was THRILLED to see a Mixed Train Set that came with a Burlington Northern engine. The engine looks exactly like the trains we see out here in the Pacific NW all the time! It’s no surprise, since the creators at Whittle want their trains to look as realistic as possible while remaining in toy train scale.


The details on each of these trains inside my set is just incredible. This engine and these cars are just exquisite. We received the Burlington Northern Mixed Set. The set contained an engine, a caboose, a hopper, a boxcar, and a tank car.  My little boy is going to light up when he sees these trains. (They just might be under our Christmas tree this year – and he will undoubedly believe that Santa’s elves made these! They are THAT well-made!!)



There are SO many trains to choose from!! You’re going to love the variety. Find a train that matches the engines that chug down the tracks by YOUR home! There is something for every train enthusiast (and every budget!!)

You can even buy a few pieces of track to replace pieces from your collection that may have broken or to round out what you need. (We ALWAYS seem to need more curves!)

Purchase a single engine or other car, or choose to buy a best value mixed set! Start shopping now! (There will definitely be happy kids at your house if you do!!)


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