Living in the Pacific Northwest, I’m used to rain. We’re known for rain. However, this winter/spring has been one of the wettest on record, and the weather has begun to take its toll on everyone.

Rain keeps us cooped up indoors. Our windows stay closed. Projects get put on hold. Depression and restlessness can set in.

And then, the sun will come out.

A day in the sunshine when you’ve been living through a season of rain is glorious. We get outside, breathe in the fresh air, and feel our spirits start to lighten and brighten.

The contrast drives our appreciation. It boosts our joy. Because we have lived through the storm, we relish the sun. 


I’ve lived through life’s storms. At times, the “rains” of sadness, fear, doubt, and anger felt like they would never stop, and I found myself asking when I would see the “sun” again. And when life calmed down, and wounds started to heal – those seasons of rest were so much sweeter.

Seasons of chaos help us appreciate our times of peace. Seasons of restlessness can prompt us to say “yes” to the next adventure or opportunity. Times of sadness make our seasons of joy that much brighter. We need the darkness to appreciate the light.

The days may seem long and you may find yourself wondering when the storm you’re walking through will let up. The sun is coming.

If like me, you’re in a season of rest – soak it in. Relish the “sunlight.” Make the most of it. Let it change you. Throw open the windows of your soul and let that light saturate you – store up as much of it as you can, so that when the rain clouds roll in – you’ll be ready.