This post is brought to you in partnership with Academics’ Choice. I received free product to facilitate my review. Opinions are my own. has launched a series of Read-Aloud e-Books, designed to improve listening and reading comprehension skills. The books feature gorgeous photographs and engaging information, written in poem format. (Poems are an excellent vehicle for teaching kids about fluency, cadence, rhyme, word families, vowel sounds, etc!)

I love getting kids interested in non-fiction text – and there’s almost no better way than diving into the world of animals. I love that has chosen to combine non-fiction informational text with animal poetry.

Each eBook is read aloud for your child to hear, as each word is highlighted as it is read.

Every few pages, the eBook stops and asks your child a series of questions – requiring him/her to click the correct answer from several choices given on the screen. The questions walk your child through literacy topics like:

  • rhyme
  • syllables (# of and stressed)
  • vocabulary
  • reading comprehension
  • making inferences
  • main idea
  • recall and repeat

The assessments are adaptive – changing and responding to individual users and their correct/incorrect responses! The Read-Aloud eBooks with Adaptive Assessments also satisfy multiple Common Core standards.

The eBooks also come with Teacher Guides! The Teacher Guide presents ways to teach several of the skills addressed in the adaptive assessment, as well as questions that correlate with the text and pictures. Teachers and parents can use the scripted guide word for word, or choose the lessons and ideas that are best suited for their child’s needs. (I personally love that most of the provided discussion questions are open-ended and require the child to activate prior knowledge, make an inference, or synthesize what they have just learned to formulate an idea! They are rich, varied, and valuable!)

You can download the Green Sea Turtle Read Aloud eBook and discover for yourself how this series of eBooks with adaptive assessments can impact your child(ren) or students.

Please visit for pricing info and information on how to order and implement in your school, classroom, or home.

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