There is almost nothing as precious as time. We want more of it, don’t have enough of it, and spend a lot of it wishing we could either speed it up or slow it down. As moms, our time is seldom our own. Between caring for our children and managing our homes, the amount of time we’re left with is nominal. And how are we spending it?

7 years ago, I was a mom who was wasting her precious moments of free time. One afternoon, as I sat planting imaginary vegetables on a computer screen, I had an epiphany. I realized I was wasting my margin on something of no value. I was giving my margin to a time-suck. My minutes and hours went straight into a vacuum of nothingness – benefiting no one. And I realized then that my life needed to change.

When we moved several years ago, I had to stop and take a picture of myself in the very spot was born. My life changed in that garage, and I am forever grateful for each blessing this blog has brought my family.

I knew I wanted to use my free time to benefit and encourage others. I was passionate about helping moms and loved to write. Your calling is where your talents and passions collide – and in those moments, I knew I’d found mine. And this little site was born. It’s 7 years later, and it still brings me such joy to write for other mothers and parents.

What is your calling? What time-sucks in your life are stealing away your precious moments of margin? What things can you trade in for something better?  How much of our time are we spending on things and pursuits that don’t add value? Are we throwing away our time on activities that don’t benefit us? Are we making the most of our margin?

I want to make the most of my minutes on this earth. I want to spend them helping others, pursuing truth and joy, chasing creativity, enjoying nature, learning, and spending time with the people I care most about. Daily I have to make choices to eliminate the time-wasters. I’m still learning to put down my phone (and leave it down!), turn off the tv, and to stop chasing approval and self-worth through social media. One choice at a time, we can start to use our time not just for mediocre things or even good things – but the BEST things.


*Thank you for allowing me to spend the last 7 years with you. I’m excited to continue to share what I’ve been learning with all of you, and so appreciate you spending some of your margin with me. You are the best, and you motivate me to keep going. ~Bekki