*This post is a sponsored conversation written in partnership with Whiffer Sniffers. I received free product to facilitate my review. Opinions are my own. 

Ever since being introduced to the Whiffer Sniffers brand back in March of 2017, my kids haven’t been able to stop talking about them! They were immediately hooked – drawn to the adorable and deliciously (and oh-so-realistically!) scented backpack clips. Whiffer Sniffers are hands-down some of my children’s FAVORITE things. (And I’ll bet your kids will love them too!)

What are Whiffer Sniffers? Whiffer Sniffers are amazingly scented plush collectibles that your children are going to LOVE! Each plush is scented to match their appearance. The root beer float – smells exactly like a tall glass of root beer with a hint of vanilla! The pear smells just like a juicy pear. The scents are cravable. The characters are adorable. Bottom line? Whiffer Sniffers are irresistible!

My kids had already been online scoping out the new Series 5 line-up and were THRILLED to receive their first choices! Series 5 has some INCREDIBLE scented pals for you to check out and collect! They include: Birthday Cake Jake, Strawberry Twirl, Rudy B. Floats, Hal O. Ween, Cheri Cheri, Perry, Marty McPie, and Ed Nog. There are also 2 super fun “Mystery Pack” characters! You may get lucky and get Ben Toasted or the rare Mr. Fudgentop.

*Each mystery pack (Mystery Pack #10 and #11) gives you the opportunity to receive one of the rare characters (available only in a mystery pack) OR one of the regular Series 5 characters. Some shoppers may get SUPER lucky and receive an ultra-rare golden bag containing Mr. Gooeytop or Berry Toasted! 

We lucked out and got Mr. Fudgentop AND Ben Toasted!!! (Mystery bags are tons of fun – no matter if you’re 6 or 36!)

Whiffer Sniffers would make phenomenal stocking stuffers! (I’ve put them in Easter baskets too!)  I wrapped up a few to surprise my kids this Christmas. I can’t wait to see their faces on Christmas morning.

You can buy Whiffer Sniffers online via the Whiffer Sniffers website. The best part? Shipping is free on all US orders! Head over to the website and find a collectible plush pal you can’t wait to smell!

Looking for an even BIGGER way to enjoy Whiffer Sniffers? Meet the Super Sniffers! Super Sniffers are larger pillow-sized scented pals. These pals are huggable, cuddly, and yes – have that same incredible scent. We received the Ben Toasted Super Sniffers friend – and he has been hanging out in our reading fort. The kids love curling up with Ben Toasted while they read stories. At just $17.99 – the Super Sniffers would make fantastic presents for this coming holiday season!


My kids have been having tons of fun with the Whiffer Sniffers coloring pages! They love printing out pages of their favorite characters, and have them proudly displayed in their rooms!

I hope you’ll check out Whiffer Sniffers – and find a collectible plush pal that you’ll love!!

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