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As a busy homeschooling mom of four, I am always on the lookout for great learning tools. While I love developing my own curriculum, it’s wonderful to find resources that have been developed by fellow teachers and parents. Whether you’re a homeschooling parent looking to supplement existing curriculum, or a parent looking for new ways to help your child learn/practice/study, you’ll want to check out boomlearning.com. 

So what is boomlearning.com? Watch this quick Youtube video to learn more:

There is so much great content available on boomlearning.com! There are so many fun Boom Cards available. Boom Cards are interactive lessons created by teachers and parents. The site is a marketplace for educational mini-apps. Users have the option to search for decks by grade level or subject – or both! For example, if I was interested in finding Language Arts decks for my kindergartner, I could select both of those fields. By sorting the results from “Price- Low to High”, users can quickly search through all of the free options. Looking for something specific? No problem! Use the search bar! Boomcards is easy to navigate and quick to implement in your home or classroom.

I wanted to give you just a tiny peak at the many (MANY!) Decks of Boom Cards available. Do you see all those subjects to choose from? Better yet – within each subject, you’ll find a variety of decks suitable for students of all ages.

My kids enjoyed having a new learning resource to use during their computer time. I loved being able to find and select age-appropriate learning games for each of my kids. I was surprised at the variety available and appreciated being able to find boom cards for specific skills my kids are working on. (There are some fun seasonal cards too!)

Each deck allows you to see a preview, as well as any user reviews. If you like the deck, simply choose to add it to your library. From the library tab, you can assign any of your saved decks to your class. Then your kids/students can play, learn, and enjoy!

I hope you’ll consider visiting https://wow.boomlearning.com/  and start finding resources to use with your kids/students. Happy learning! (And playing!)

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