As a parent and home-educator, I am always on the look-out for toys that incorporate STEM concepts and ideas. When a product allows kids can begin to integrate engineering as well as problem-solving into PLAY – you have something incredible on your hands.

The Maze-O Starter Set serves as a fantastic introduction to STEM concepts. Children as young as 2 can begin to put pieces together. As children grow, they can begin to intentionally form passages that lead to dead ends or exits. By the time they enter school, kids can follow the included instruction cards to form complex mazes – or even create their own mazes!

The Maze-O Starter Set includes a deck of maze instruction cards to create a potential 30+ mazes along with 5 different types of Maze-O tiles in four bright and happy colors.

As soon as we opened the box, my son got right to work. The tiles connect so easily – allowing play without frustration. The deck of maze instruction cards are fantastic! There are so many interesting maze shapes to choose from.

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While the maze instruction cards provide the outline of the intended maze shape, users still need to employ their spatial-awareness skills as well as logic to determine which of the five different tile types are needed. It was SO fun to watch my son work through the problem – trying a tile, only to discover he needed to make a change to make the maze work. He was utilizing so many important reasoning skills as he played -all while being fully and completely engaged. Maze-O is in my opinion, the best kind of toy.

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Once my son (a first grader), completed his “Train” maze, he loved driving some of his cars through it. The wide ramps allow kids to move a variety of small toys through their mazes.

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Kids can also choose to create their own mazes! It was fun to watch their creativity come alive during play.

The Maze-O Starter Set was genuinely enjoyed by all four of my children, ranging in age from 6-11. Maze-O would be an ideal gift for a child in your life and a perfect addition to any homeschooling family’s “choice” shelf. (We are going to use Maze-O on those rainy afternoons! STEM play is ALWAYS a good idea!) Maze-O truly is a-“maze”-ing!

You may recognize Maze-O from the hit show The Toy Box. Parent inventors Jessica and Daniel Friedman appeared on the show with Maze-O in 2017. Within months, they saw their product on shelves at Barnes & Noble and included in Amazon’s Subscription Stem Club!  (The Stem Club Subscription Box is one of the great hidden gems available on Amazon! Check it out!)

The Maze-O Starter Set is available on Amazon!


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