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With summer break in full swing, the teacher in me is always looking for creative ways to keep my kids learning, thinking, exploring, and making observations. The Young Scientists Club is not only a boredom buster – it’s a great preventer of “summer slide.” When we keep our kids engaged in meaningful activities, they actually retain more of what they learned during the school year!

This monthly subscription allows you to experience a new and exciting scientific topic each month. The kits are specifically designed with kids ages 5-12 in mind, and are super-affordable at just $11.99 with a $4.95 shipping fee. I love that each kit includes multiple experiments – allowing you to pull the kit out over several afternoons.

The Young Scientists Club offers 36 different topics of exploration. Last month we learned all about Owls and the food chain/web. This month we dove into the world of Bacteria and Fungi!

Our first two experiments were SO much fun to do – and so far from anything we’d ever done before. We had the opportunity to grow bacteria and fungi in petri dishes! My son loved this and said he felt like he was working in a lab!

In our first experiment, we were comparing bacteria growth with and without the barrier of an anti-biotic cream. In the second experiment, my son took saliva samples from his mouth and the mouth of our dog. We spread the samples in the prepared dishes and waited to see which mouth had more bacteria.

We’ve been excitedly checking our petri dishes every day. The results have been so interesting! Just look at all that growth! 

My son (who normally isn’t much for helping in the kitchen) was really excited to do Experiment 4 – making rolls! The kit contained both the yeast and a recipe – along with some fun facts and info for your young learner.

Henry learned that the yeast (a fungus) used the sugar & flour to create carbon dioxide – helping the dough to rise! Celsius the Science Bug (the cute little mascot of The Young Scientists Club) encouraged kids to shape their rolls into animals. Here is Henry with his tray of completed rolls. (They were delicious!)

We already can’t wait to dig into our NEXT kit!

Want to start experiencing at-home science fun with YOUR kids? Please check out The Young Scientists Club website for more information.


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