Matific is self-described as “rigorous interactive activities for students.” It’s a site where children can learn math skills at their own pace, through engaging games and activities. The site covers the full curriculum for K-6 using the following learning path:

Parents and/or teachers can create accounts and the website will walk you through how to assign specific grade-level skills to specific students or classes.

I was able to set up four different programs – one for each of my kids. (Each child will need to be added individually, and will receive a unique username/password. While I found this process not entirely user-friendly and a bit difficult to figure out, it IS possible and do-able.)  The site allowed me to select their grade level and assign different games to each child. I loved that I was able to select games that focused on math skills my child needed help with.

For example, my second grader is a rock-star at addition and multiplication, but struggles with subtraction. I loved being able to select a few subtraction based games for him. The games are interesting, unique, and varied. The variety of games keep kids coming back for more.

From popping balloons, sorting bottles at a recycling factory, or loading up food for zoo animals, kids engage in fun tasks all while practicing valuable math skills.

My soon-to-be fifth grader doesn’t exactly love math. But, since Matific is a website for kids, I needed his input/involvement for this review. I got him set up with a handful of arithmetic function games (add/subtract, multiplication, division) and asked him to play through a game or two and see what he thought.

Here’s the thing….after several games, I told him that I had what I needed, and he could stop playing. His response, “I don’t want to stop playing. This is actually really fun.” Jaw drop. If Matific can make math appealing and engaging to a child who generally dislikes math, imagine what it can do for YOUR child!

As a former teacher turned homeschooling parent, I know that when a child is engaged and having FUN while learning, he/she retains more information. We remember what holds our interest and attention! Matific uses interesting games, fun characters, charming graphics, and interactivity to keep kids engaged.

You can visit to see a sample of the learning activities, and to learn more.