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Now in our fifth year of homeschooling, we’ve tried a wide variety of math materials, games, and tools. Many of the online math programs we’ve tried tend to be either boring, complicated to set up/adapt to individual user needs, or lacking in educational content.

When given the opportunity to review the I Know It program found at, I was eager to see how it stacked up to the other programs available. I know it is an online interactive math practice program designed for children in grades K-5. The site allows parents and teachers to personalize assignments for each student/child based on their individual grade level/math needs. Kids are free to work at their own pace, at their own level, as they work towards mastery of various mathematical concepts.

Upon first use, I was immediately impressed. Not only is the site well organized and visually appealing, it’s incredibly easy to use! Within minutes, I understood the ins and outs of the program, how to assign specific grade-level tasks to my children, and how to check their progress. As a homeschooling mom, I don’t have time for complicated. I appreciate that I can quickly and easily find the type of assignment my child needs, and set them up for independent practice.



My second grader chose to begin with an assignment on counting coins. The first few problems took her awhile to answer – making it apparent that “summer slide” had set in. However, as the lesson went on, I noticed her answering the problems with both increased speed and confidence. The assignment was refreshing her memory and helping her exercise her learned skills. I could see the program working!

As my daughter was working through her first assignment, my son came down from playing in his room. He stopped to see what she was doing before going on his way. A few minutes later, I noticed him back in the room, and again, several minutes after that. He seemed to be waiting for something. Then I realized he was waiting for a chance to play math games! He wanted to get in on what he saw his sister doing! I couldn’t believe it!

Though all of my children are working above grade level in math, it’s not a subject any of them necessarily enjoy. So, whenever I find something that gets my kids excited about math, I pay attention!

Within minutes, I’d added my son to our account and hand-selected grade-level assignments for him. This is a program that is very user-friendly, and as a busy mom- something I definitely appreciate.

After my son’s turn, my daughter asked if she could do a second assignment! After she finished an assignment on fractions, she went ahead and chose another on measurement! She wanted to keep playing!

As a teacher, I can tell you how and why an online math practice program is beneficial and engaging…..but a child’s genuine interest and desire to keep going is perhaps the best endorsement there is. (And my kids are ASKING to do math practice during summer vacation! That says something about the quality of this program!)

Both of my kids really enjoyed the interactive positive reinforcements within the games. They eagerly waited to see what the cute little monster would do each time they answered correctly. The graphics are high quality and definitely add to the overall fun and appeal. All three of us appreciated that the tasks, questions, and assignments are varied – helping to keep things fresh and interesting.

So often, programs like I Know It are geared solely towards school districts. However, with, there is an option to create a family account. This is a game changer for me! The program is quick and easy to set up – no fumbling through complicated steps or figuring out how to adapt something intended for schools for home use.

Homeschooling families (or families wanting additional math support) looking to invest in a supplemental math program can purchase a yearlong membership for up to 4 children for $90. (Additional children can be added to the account for a small fee.)

Purchasing homeschooling materials can feel risky. I get that. Over the years, I’ve purchased curriculum that was a great fit for my children and curriculum that sat on the shelf untouched. Sometimes it’s hard to know what you’re investing in without experiencing it firsthand. allows you to try their program completely FREE for 60 days – no credit card info required. No risk. No remembering to cancel before you’re charged. It’s the perfect way to try the program out and see if it’s a fit for your family.

I highly encourage you to visit and start your free, no risk, no obligation trial. Discover how easy this program is to use, and see if your kids love it as much as mine.