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We discovered Modarri – the cars and vehicles you design, build, and drive, a few months ago. The Modarri Monster Trucks were an instant hit with my son, and he was immediately eager to grow his Modarri collection. Since the pieces of each Modarri vehicle are interchangeable (hello great value!), I was more than happy to check out another set.

We were able to check out the Modarri S2 Paint-it Auto Design Studio Kit – a kit that allows you to not only design, build, and drive your vehicle – but PAINT it too! (Modarri stands apart from other vehicle toys on the market. They are truly special.)

Harry and I wanted to give you a step by step instruction guide. I hope you’ll follow along with us. (The process is just as fun as playing with the finished product!)

Are you ready to paint, design, build, and drive your own Modarri car with the Modarri S2 Paint-it Auto Design Studio Kit? First up – unboxing!

1. Unboxing

Open your box, taking note of all supplies and pieces.

Set aside the screwdriver and included stickers. (You’ll use these later on in the process!)

2. Painting! 

The Modarri S2 Paint-it Auto Design Studio Kit comes with 8 different colors of paint, and 2 brushes (broad and detail.) The paint does not need to be diluted with water. When you need to switch paint colors, simply wash and dry the paintbrush.

*Mom Tip: We used the backing included in our box as a painting mat. It was great to have something disposable for my son to paint on without worrying about needing to wash it when he was done.

It was so much fun to watch my son invested in an art activity. Ordinarily, Harrison isn’t very interested in anything related to arts and crafts. However, his love of vehicles kept him thoroughly engaged. He spent over an hour happily painting the pieces included in the kit.

As a former teacher turned homeschooling parent, I am always thrilled to find products that incorporate STEAM learning. (STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering ,art, and mathematics.)

*Mom Tip: We found it helpful to stop and take hand-washing breaks to keep the cars smudge-free as we painted. The paint easily washes off of hands. Bonus!

The included paint is bright and vibrant. My son loved getting to paint all of the interchangeable pieces included in the kit. It was fun for him to think of all the combinations he could put together with his designs.

Harry painted a few pieces to resemble his favorite dragon from a popular movie franchise, and several to represent his favorite sports team. I loved watching so many of his interests become a part of one project – making this truly something he will cherish. (It’s such a fun way to mark time as well. This activity allows me to not only see where he’s at in terms of his artistic abilities, but it shows his interests at this age as well.)

I love and appreciate that Modarri really helps give kids ownership of their vehicles. With any of the Modarri vehicle sets, kids are given the opportunity to design (and re-design) the vehicle – building it with their own hands. When you add in the ability to actually PAINT the separate pieces prior to getting to design and build – you have something truly special – and something a child is more likely to care for. This is so much more than a toy – it’s an opportunity for a child to be creative, express their individuality, AND build a high-quality, durable car – a car meant to be played with and enjoyed! (Seriously, don’t leave these on a display shelf! Take them out and PLAY!)

3. Allow the Paint to Fully Dry

For best results, you’re going to want to allow your painted pieces to dry for several hours. We chose to let our pieces dry overnight before we started to design and build, but found that the paint was dry and no longer tacky after 2-3 hours. (As with all painting projects, paint that is applied in a heavier manner (gloppy), will take longer to dry.)

*Mom Tip: Once your child’s initial paint job is dry, he/she can give their pieces a second coat of paint, covering up any white spaces/brush strokes, etc.

If your child wanted to add details, such as flames, numbers, a word, dragon scales, etc – this would be an ideal time! (My kiddo was satisfied with his paint job, and was eager to start building, but you could definitely achieve a more “finished” look with a second coat of paint.)

For some professional inspiration, check out the examples on the Modarri website! SO many fun possibilities with this set!

4. Attach the Wheels

The car comes with a set of front wheels, and a set of rear wheels. There will be a noticeable difference, allowing you to determine which set belongs in the front.

The front wheels have more range of motion. My nine year old described them as the “turning wheels.” The back wheels, while having some degree of motion, are definitely more stationary in comparison to the front wheels.

To attach the wheels, first “snap” them into place. Then pull out the included Hex Screwdriver, and screw the wheels in place.

Next, attach the second set of wheels. (It doesn’t matter which order you attach the wheels.)


5. Place a Hood and Fender Piece

*My son discovered that you can attach either the Hood and Fender piece OR the Car Chassis piece first. We chose to place the Hood and Fender piece first, but found that attaching the Chassis piece first didn’t affect the look or design.

First, simply lay the Hood and Fender piece on top of the car’s Seat. (No need to screw it in just yet!)

6. Place a Chassis Piece

7. Place and Attach the Car Frame

The Car Frame is easy to identify. This is the heavier metal piece included in the kit, and is also the piece with the retained screws. The Car Frame will lay perfectly on top of the Hood and Fender and Chassis.

Pull out the Hex Screwdriver (included in the kit) and screw all three pieces (Hood and Fender, Chassis, and Car Frame) in place. One thing I really appreciate about Modarri, is that the screws are retained -meaning they don’t/can’t fall out and get lost!

Screwing the Car Frame in place, will automatically keep the Hood and Fender and Chassis in place as well. One action secures all three pieces. Easy peasy.

8. Your Car is Finished! (Great Job!)

9. Mix and Match with Other Modarri Sets!

Like I mentioned earlier, the Modarri car pieces are mix and match – interchangeable with all other Modarri sets! My son had so much fun combining the pieces he painted from the Modarri S2 Paint-it Auto Design Studio Kit with his Modarri Monster Trucks! The results were pretty fun.

The mix-and-match feature helps keep these toys fresh and new, as the design possibilities and combinations are nearly endless. Each time you play, you can literally create a new vehicle!

10. PLAY! 

Go ahead and really play with your Modarri! (When it isn’t pouring down rain, my boys love to take these out in the gravel. They’ve created a track/obstacle course!)

The great thing about the Paint-It set, is that if your car gets scratched -no problem! Just re-paint it!

If you have a child in your life who loves vehicles, building toys, and/or is interested in art/design, I highly recommend Modarri. Learn more by visiting https://modarri.com/ . You can see Modarri’s full line-up of products, shop, and even play around with their online car creator. (My son loves it!)

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