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My son absolutely fell in love with Modarri last year. Over the last several months, our collection of Modarri vehicles has continued to grow – and unlike other toys, his interest has never faded. His Modarri cars and monster trucks continue to be amongst his favorite things to play with.

We had the chance to paint our own Modarri – and had so much fun. My son had a blast designing the look of his car.So when we found out you could head to the Modarri website, design a car online and have it mailed to you – we were SO excited to try.

Kids can literally design their own car online and have it shipped to them!! The Modarri Configurator allows you to completely customize your own car – selecting the pieces to create a car that reflects you!

Each of my boys had the chance to design their own car. It was so much fun to see their creativity. They both loved the process – and it’s SO easy! Simply head to the Modarri Configurator, and within minutes, you can create a car you love. Choose the frame, hood, fender, and chassis. Each piece comes in a variety of super-cool styles and colors.

The process allows you to scroll through your options, easily swapping out each piece with the click of your mouse. The boys loved trying out all the different colors and designs – taking time to make sure their custom car was exactly as they wanted it.


When your design is complete, watch the confetti fall on a 3D rendering of your car. (I LOVE my daughter’s reaction at seeing her brother’s car. Cracks me up every time.To be fair, it IS pretty cool.) 🙂

You can give your car a name, share it with your friends, save it to your virtual garage OR have the car BUILT and shipped right to your mailbox! The custom cars are $28 and include free shipping.

My favorite part of the entire process was seeing the look on the boys’ faces when their custom cars arrived. Priceless.

My son couldn’t believe how much the car shipped to him looked like the car he’d designed online. It truly was his design come to life.

Here’s what my boys had to say:

“I liked how you could choose the parts you like online. There were a lot you could do. And my car looked really cool when I got it. It was pretty fun to put the pieces I picked out with my other Modarri vehicles.” (Modarri parts are interchangeable!)

“I really liked designing it because you could choose your own colors and parts, and it was really cool when it came.”

I was so excited to catch each of the boy’s actual first reaction to seeing their car. It just doesn’t get any better than that. You can literally see the joy and amazement all over his face! His first words were, “I made this! I can’t believe it. I really made this! It’s my car!”


As is the case with all of the fantastic Modarri vehicles, the pieces are all interchangeable!! The mix-and-match feature helps keep your Modarri toys fresh and new, as the design possibilities and combinations are nearly endless. Each time you play, you can literally create a new vehicle!


If you have a child in your life who loves vehicles, building toys, and/or is interested in art/design, I highly recommend Modarri. Learn more by visiting https://modarri.com/ . You can see Modarri’s full line-up of products, shop, and even play around with their online car creator. (My son loves it!)

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