*This post is written in partnership with Sago Mini. I received free product to facilitate my review, and was compensated for my time. Opinions are 100% my own. 

There is something SO exciting about opening a box full of activities. What’s inside? What surprises await me? SO much joyful anticipation! My kids couldn’t wait to see what was inside their first Sago Mini Box!

Sago Mini Boxes are a monthly subscription box filled with make-and-play activities designed to teach modern skills to preschoolers through play. Each Sago Mini Box comes with three activities, a collectible figure, and letters to read (or read-aloud) and is masterfully (and adorably!) themed.

We received three of the Sago Mini Boxes to review, but as we are well-seasoned road trippers, my kids naturally wanted to open the Road Trip Box first.

Even the BOX is an activity!! Once you’ve taken all of the activities out of your Sago Mini: Road Trip Box, the box itself folds into a fun car! Not only was nothing wasted (hooray for reusable products), but putting together the car was such an incredible STEAM project (adding that A for art!) for my son. He had a construction project, executed problem-solving, had the opportunity to color/paint his vehicle, and has a fun toy to use with his plush and action figures…..and this is all from the BOX. 

The surprises and goodies didn’t stop at the box however. Each Sago Mini Box comes with a fun character. The Road Trip Box came with Jinja, an adorable orange cat that fans of any of Sago Mini’s other products will recognize.

While kids can certainly play with the set using their existing toys and figures, it was great to have a character inside the box for immediate use.

Next up, my son put together Jinja’s Car and got to drive it down the included Wiggly Road! It was super-cute, and I love that both items are things that can be used and played with in conjunction with existing toys. (Many of our toy cars have since driven down that Wiggly Road!)

Every activity in the box was received with a smile, but the far and away favorite had to be the Road Trip Destinations + Road Signs activity. This activity brought out SO much imaginative play and conversation. As the kids played, they naturally talked about our past family travels as well as their ideas for future road trips. It was so neat to see this activity serve as a catalyst for connection.

For younger children, (the Sago Mini Boxes are recommended for kids ages 3-5), you may notice that your child will start to take notice of road signs as you drive around town – connecting play to the real world (and also building those pre-reading skills!)

The Road Trip Destinations and Jinja’s Car also work so seamlessly together – allowing for fluid and natural play.

The Road Trip Box also included a car game – Road Trip Bingo, and an “Are We There Yeti?” Road-Trip-o-Meter. Road Trip Bingo went with us on our very next outing. (And mamas know- having things to amuse kids in the car is always wonderful.) It really felt like the fun surprises just kept going! We couldn’t believe how much was packed into this little box!

While the recommended age for the Sago Mini Boxes is 3-5, I have to say that both my 7 and 8 year old REALLY enjoyed playing with this Road Trip Box! My daughter sat at the table and played with the activities in the box for well over an hour!

This entire box of fun mailed directly to your home will only cost you $19 if you choose to purchase your boxes on a monthly basis. However, if you want the fun to continue year-round, you can pay annually and save! Boxes are just $15 per month with an annual subscription.

Kids LOVE getting mail. If there is a child in your life with a birthday coming up, I think a Sago Mini Box would make a fantastic surprise gift! Head over to the Sago Mini Box website to learn more:  http://www.sagominibox.com. 

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