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As a homeschooling parent, I am always looking for supplemental math activities that are both educational AND fun. (And let’s be honest – so many of us need that little bit of fun when it comes to math!) The problem is, most math games and apps I’ve found are either geared towards younger learners or completely devoid of fun. Enter Flip4Gold, a fast-paced and FUN math app that kids (and adults) will actually want to play.

In Flip4Gold, Quatro the Lemur King has hidden his gold across the island. Players solve mathematical challenges to uncover the gold. (And it’s surprisingly, so much fun!)

I had my fourth-grade daughter check out Flip4Gold. At first, she was a bit hesitant, as math is her least favorite subject. So, imagine my shock when it was a struggle to get her to STOP playing! She would have played for hours if I would have let her! As she was working her way through the levels, still in a bit of shock, I asked her, “Are you actually liking this math game?” She very excitedly yelled out (while still playing), “Yes! This actually makes math fun!”

Flip4Gold is a parent and educator’s dream because kids don’t actually realize how much they’re learning and how many math skills they are practicing while playing. Kids are practicing all four basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) throughout the game – sometimes needing to use two skills at once! (Literally SO much learning is taking place!!)

The game is also progressively challenging. Players begin at a basic level, using addition only throughout Level 1. In the following picture, after having rolled a 6+3, the player would need to select the 9.

However, there are times when a player will need to solve the math problem creatively. For instance, after having rolled a 5+5, the player would normally click on the “10.” However, in this situation, I had already “used” the 10, so I would need to use the 8 and 2 or the 4 and 6 instead. It’s situations like this that really help develop a child’s critical thinking and problem-solving AND help them flex those mathematical muscles to really recall learned math facts quickly. (Without worksheets or skill drills!)

In the following picture (taken from a screenshot of Level 4.1), players need to add up the numbers on the dice on both sides of the equation, and then solve the multiplication problem. After determining that 15×5=75, players then will need to figure out how to add up to 75 using the numbers on the screen.

For players who might not be able to figure out the math quickly in their head, the answers are given in some levels, and a player can always click the green checkmark to find the answer on a table. Help is always available.

Flip4Gold is great for kids, teens, and adults. I was surprised at how much fun I had playing the game! The music (which my child said was “pressuring” in a good way), need for speed, and progressing level of difficulty really increased my desire to keep going. (This is definitely a “one more level!” kind of game!)

In today’s digital age, we as parents often have reason for concern. That’s why I love that Flip4Gold has NO third-party ads, NO social network links, and NO in-app purchases. Parents can feel confident allowing their children to play Flip4Gold, knowing they are safe.

And not only is Flip4Gold fun, crazy-educational, and safe for kids, it’s also FREE! Head over to the app store and download it today!

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