This post is written in partnership with Creta Class. I received access to the app to facilitate my review and was compensated for my time. Opinions are my own.

Math. It’s a word that strikes fear (and sometimes dread) into the heart of parents and students alike. Whether you’re a homeschooling parent like myself or a parent tasked with helping your child work their way through their math homework, it’s likely that you understand the negative thoughts and feelings often associated with math time.

Creta Class could be the solution to the math time blues. Introduced early, Creta Class can remove those feelings of fear and dread, and give young learners the math foundation they’ll need for school AND for life! And as a bonus, Creta Class sparks a child’s interest in STEAM! Over the past few years, STEAM has become an educational buzzword – and for good reason! Creta Class develops nine key competencies in children, including imagination, creativity, and critical thinking, as well as sparking curiosity and interest in science and technology. (Woohoo!)

After researching the app, I was excited to dig in and learn more about Creta Class. I am always curious, eager, and ready to check out any kind of math materials, games, or instructional tools that are innovative and fun and that seek to help kids understand mathematical concepts without workbooks, drill sheets, and 30+ problem math book lessons.

Because, let’s be honest. Math worksheets aren’t a lot of fun. (Or any fun.) Back when I was a classroom teacher, we often referred to most traditional math instruction to be “drill and kill.” Yes, those worksheets with 100 problems to solve in 5 minutes drill the facts into a child’s head – but simultaneously kill the JOY of math. (And yes, there really IS joy in math!) Creta Class is one of the programs helping kids discover that joy. Math instruction can actually be FUN.

Designed for kids ages 3-8 (those critical early math-skill building years!), Creta Class helps children learn the mathematical building blocks of number recognition, shapes, addition, subtraction, and problem-solving through engaging animation and interactive activities. AND – the app grows with your child.

As I began to explore the app, I was struck by how marvelously and seamlessly learning is jam-packed into what will appear to children as simply fun cartoons and games. Without realizing it, children using the Creta Class app will be exposed to, interact with, and learn math. This form of “learning hiding in plain sight” is crucial – as more and more children are becoming increasingly more frustrated with and resistant to math.

While your kids will love the adorable characters and engaging videos, Creta Class is SO much more than a math-based animation. Instead, Creta Class blends high-quality and high-interest animation with interactive games and hands-on activities. To progress through each level, children must be fully engaged and participate in activities that demonstrate their understanding. No checking out or mindless viewing!

The lessons are easy enough for kids to be self-directed (yay for freeing up some time for parents!) but challenging and interesting enough to keep children fully engaged (and learning!) Talk about a win-win! Kids using Creta Class will work through one lesson a day, learning new content Monday through Wednesday, reviewing on Thursdays, and reinforcing on Fridays. (As a former classroom teacher and current homeschooling teacher/parent, I approve and endorse this method!)

AND, because Creta Class is designed to be completed one lesson a day (instead of binge-style), each level will take your child through a year’s worth of math learning! For example, because my youngest is 10 (just a bit older than the Creta Class target audience), we previewed Stage 3 – which contained 12 units, each comprised of 20 lessons. Each unit takes 4 weeks to complete. This system allows for intentional and targeted learning vs a child simply rushing through a game to “beat the level.”

Bottom line? Creta Class will help your child not only build their foundational math skills – but perhaps teach them to enjoy math. (And I’m not alone in my endorsement. The reviews are overwhelming. Parents everywhere are excited about and grateful for the way Creta Class is helping their child learn math!) Creta Class is available in the Apple App Store and in Google Play. You can find out more about Creta Class by visiting: