Have a parenting question? Need a product recommendation? Is there something you’re dying to ask, but are too embarrassed to ask one of your friends? Whether you’re struggling with discipline, how to deal with bullies on the playground, or ways to get your kids involved in household chores, you’ve come to the right place! If you’re wondering how to help your third grader understand multiplication, looking for craft projects to do with your toddler, or trying to determine how you can help your child succeed in school, I can help. Don’t know what brand of diapers to buy, or which type of apple juice is best? Just ask! As a mother of (almost) 4 kids, I’ve been there….and I would love to help. There are no questions I won’t tackle, and I am happy to provide my feedback, opinions, and open-minded help. I started my website with the desire to help moms….to change their world by making life just a bit easier….I’d love to do that for you. Please send me your questions, and I will respond privately, or with a post (if the topic is something I feel a larger audience would benefit from!) Names will be kept anonymous.