Welcome to “You Know You’re a Mom If…” a humorous column that pokes fun at the all too true realities of motherhood. Who knew we’d ever trade in classic literature for Dr. Seuss, Friends for Dora, and Brie for string cheese? I hope to make you laugh…make you nod your head in agreement…just bring a smile to your face in the midst of a chaotic afternoon. Remember, we’re all in this together!

So, read away, relate, and enjoy!

You Know You’re a Mom If….

1. You’ve questioned just how much acid the creators of Yo Gabba Gabba drop, and you think it must be a lot…

2. You’ve wondered if Max and Ruby have parents.

3. You’re bothered by the fact that Handy Manny never pays Kelly for the things he picks up at her store (He’s paid one time, and that was to her brother…)

4. You’ve stopped to consider if any of the Wiggles were attractive. You paused briefly at Anthony, and then decided no, no he’s not. Well, maybe…he is a drummer…wait no…run away..

5. You’re bothered by the logic of Little Einsteins. When one of the little characters cries out in despair, “Oh no, we have to ski down the mountain!” , you are thinking, “Gosh, if only you had a ROCKET, and could fly OVER the mountain!”

6. You wonder why Goofy ( a dog) can talk, but Pluto (also a dog) cannot.

7. You want to report Darby’s parents to child services for allowing her to play in the 100 acre wood at night with a bear and a tiger. (And isn’t she a little young to be riding a motorized scoooter?)

8. When you see Joe on Blue’s Clues, you think to yourself, “He’s no Steve.”

9. You wonder if Phineas and Ferb will EVER go back to school. Surely it’s been 104 days by now….

10. You find it odd that Papa Bear and Mama Bear were named “Papa” and “Mama” at birth….