Welcome back DEEP clean chasers, and thanks for taking the Chasing Clean Challenge with me! If you’ve missed the last few days, head on over to the Cleaning section of my blog, where you’ll find Day One and Day Two, along with lots of other articles on cleaning!

Today, I tackled all of the appliances from Day 2….Wow!! I could have made stuffing from all of the crumbs I emptied out of my toaster! There was green crusty batter on the bottom of my mixer, and the drip area of my coffee pot needed a good wipe! I feel so much better already…We are well on our way to having a CLEAN kitchen!! Ready for your next challenge??

The Project: The Counter

The Steps:

The Accessories

1. While we targeted our counter-top appliances yesterday, today we are after everything else! Wipe down your canisters, your cookie jar, your menu board, flowerpots, vases, etc. If it sits on your counter, wipe it down! Use a wet wipe or a paper towel and some cleaning spray, and get the dust and grime off of all the pretty/handy things we like to set on our counters!

The Counter

1. Move EVERYTHING off of your counter. You can do this a section at a time, or simply move everything at once onto your kitchen table. Spray down ALL of your counter tops with a good cleaning spray. Choose one with a nice clean scent (it helps add to the satisfaction of doing a tough cleaning job…AND your S.O. might be more apt to notice your hard work if your kitchen smells awesome!) This includes ALL counter surfaces, including islands, portable stations, etc.

2. Spray and wipe the back-splash of your counters as well! These are often forgotten, and can be covered in quite a bit of dust and grimy residue. Don’t forget behind your sink too! (This area tends to be quite icky!) If you don’t have a back-splash, you may want to clean the walls that are close to your counters with mild soap and water (to keep your paint safe!)


That is IT for today! (I’m giving you an easy day, as the next few days will be a bit more challenging….) We’ll be spending about 5 more days in the kitchen before we move on to another area in the house! I am SO happy to be hearing feedback from some of you, and am so proud of all of you who are doing this right along with me! We are going to have the cleanest houses on the block! I don’t know about you, but the clean house…it’s for ME. I relax more….feel happier…feel better about MYSELF, when my house is clean. I don’t do this to be Suzie Homemaker…I do this for my own sanity..Thanks for joining in on DAY 3 of the Chasing Clean Challenge, and I hope to see you back tomorrow for Day 4!