Welcome back to a very special “nanny” edition of The Confessional.  We’ve had to take a bit of a break, and I  am so excited to be bringing this post to you this week! Each week, one brave parent steps into The Confessional here at Chasing Supermom, and releases their parenting sin and shame into the world, letting the rest of us breathe just a bit easier each week, as we realize we are NOT alone in our so-called “mistakes,” “short-cuts”, and other assorted parenting faux- pas. Every single one of us stumbles. We all have  bad days. No one has it all together. (Repeat that to yourself….over and over if you have to!) I spent so much of my life feeling like I was always struggling to catch up to everyone else…like every other mother was probably doing a better job than me…That’s where my blog started from, and from that place of vulnerability, I started The Confessional….Sit back, grab that iced tea and let it sink in (down deep to your core) that you are doing a great job….that you are not the only one….that I (and everyone else) don’t have it all together. Read, and find that release.

Please contact me if YOU would like to confess. I need to fill the Sundays for May and June!! You can have your first pick of date, just let me know!! We need you! To check out the archives, click HERE.

This week, I am so excited to welcome guest blogger, Emily Jacobson from Time Dog to The Confessional!  Time Dog is an incredible service for busy parents and professionals! Time Dog is your personal virtual assistant, taking care of all of those little daily to-do tasks that can be handled remotely.  is I met Emily through the Ultimate Blog Party, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have her sharing with us, and to get her unique take today! You can meet Emily for yourself on Twitter at @TimeDogEmily. Emily is our very first nanny to confess! (Bravery scores some extra points with me today!) Ready to feel better and breath that sweet sigh of relief?  Here we go!

Father forgive me…

1. Telling the kids that I have Santa’s cell phone number and threatening to call him if they don’t behave/stop fighting. Works every time! 
2. Letting the kids stay up past their bed time to watch movies. They fall asleep faster than they would in their room.
3. Bath time sometimes meant jumping in the pool to clean off. So much easier than fighting with them to take a shower.
4. Constantly telling them their show isn’t on so they play outside instead of plopped in front of the TV.
5. Laughing at the pranks the kids would pull on each other and not taking disciplinary action. For instance a child put liquid soap on her brothers toothbrush for being mean to her. He didn’t like that at all but the girl and I thought it was a good pay back.
6. Bribing them with candy to play the “quiet game”. They had to be silent for over 15 mins to win.
7. Playing hide and go seek and never seeking them. They never have patience and it was pretty funny to hear them yell your name to find them when they actually gave themselves away LOL.
Again, a huge thanks go out to Emily for sharing with us today! I would love to have YOU in the Confessional as well! Please contact me if you’d like to!! Until next week, you are forgiven. Go and sin no more. =)